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    The Region 4 clubs are closely bound by geography and have developed a unique collaborative regional approach to sharing events, news, and philanthropic projects. In May, Bosnia and Hercegovina were struck by disastrous flooding. Bosnian ANCOR club member Lejla Sipkar-Ceric sent out a plea to the Rotterdam membership: “The past few days my home country Bosnia and Hercegovina has been...


    Coincidence, fate, serendipity, destiny, all similar words, describing that sometimes things are just meant to be. Such is the case with my involvement in the American Women’s Club of Dublin, FAWCO and the ISPCC.

    When my husband and I moved to Dublin over five years ago it wasn’t for any other reason except for a dream come true. As a...

    June Paula and Cynthia

    On April 7, 2014 a few AWC Lebanon members had the unique opportunity to meet Paula Lucas, founder of the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center (AODVC). In the very congenial atmosphere of a board member’s home, we learned about the terrifying experiences Paula and her children went through with her abusive husband. Her courageous escape with her three boys,

    Free the Girls pic

    Bras, bras, bras!  AWBS (International Women of Berkshire and Surrey) joined the ever-burgeoning groups of women across FAWCO and the world that are helping women make lives for themselves after breaking free from the horrors of the sex trade. 

    It was easy for our club to collect 85 bras in just a few months as every woman has a few ill-fitting...


    REGION  1 MEETING (England, Scotland and Ireland) was hosted by Chilterns, England, on Saturday, October 12, 2013.  It was a major information and networking day for the Region.   Chilterns FAWCO Rep Maureen Rice welcomed and introduced Regional Coordinator Eileen Doyle, who outlined the purpose of the day. There were FAWCO speakers bringing the group up to date on FAWCO and...

    Kristen 1

    FAWCO Fever is a family affair for FAWCO Treasurer Cora Lee Findley (AW of the Eastern Provice) and her daughter Kristen Findley. Inspired by her experience at this year's FAWCO conference in Brussels, Kristen posted the following article on her blog. 

     My 110 Hour Trip to Brussels, Belgium and Back
    by carlstones

    by Kristen Findley
    Post on Rogue AC, Wordpress

    I told myself a...


    FAWCO’s Region 8 (Italy & Greece) regional meeting , hosted by AIWC of Genoa took place in Genoa – Arenzano this past Columbus Day holiday weekend of October 11-12-13-, 2013. Genoa is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

    Approximately 30 participants congregated from the region (AIWCT Torino, Benvenuto Club Milan, AIWC of Genoa, AILO Florence, AWAR  Rome, AIWC Naples, AWOG Greece)

    AWOG Bazaar 3

    The American Women’s Organization of Greece held its Annual Christmas Bazaar on November 24, 2013  for the charities that we support each year through our community services program.  More than 175 volunteers from our membership, family members, friends and students from local schools turned out to work at the oldest and loveliest craft bazaar in Greece.  Despite torrential rain, our...

    FAWCO's Region 4 (BeNeLux) regional meeting, hosted by ANC Rotterdam took place in Rotterdam from October 4-6, 2013.  Approximately 30 participants joined us from the region (AWC Amsterdam,  AWC Antwerp, AWC Brussels, AWC The Hague, AWC Luxembourg, ANC Rotterdam).  The theme of the meeting was Collaboration: Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision to Try. The goal was to connect members...

    Rotterdam Alderwoman Korrie Louwes (and her family) was a special guest at our ANCOR Thanksgiving dinner. Korrie is responsible for Employment, Education, Innovation and Integration in Rotterdam. We gave her a briefing on the club and also the FAWCO Foundation. After listening to Johanna Dishongh's motivating and informative speech on Target and FAWCO – she posted this on her website...


    What was that delicious aroma wafting from the American Lutheran Church’s kitchen, you ask?  It was the AWC Oslo’s annual Thanksgiving Luncheon, and it was a delicious feast, indeed! There were festive, pumpkin- clad tables for the 60 members and guests to enjoy the wonderful meal.  Although this meeting was about conversation and good food, it was also about supporting...

    AWC Oslo Scholarship Recipient

    The AWC Oslo recently held its biennial scholarship reception. Since 1949 AWC Oslo has awarded scholarships to Norwegians for study in the United States.The scholarships are currently awarded biennially, in the amount of NOK 100,000 (approx. $16,600) to Norwegians who have completed their education in a specialized field in Norway and desire further education or practice in the U.S. The...



    Vera P. Weill-Halle

    AWAR President, 2013-2014

    From the left: Honorary President Linda Douglass, President Vera P. Weill Hallé, Honorary Vice President Kathleen Doherty and 1st Vice President Erica Zmitrovitch

    As President of AWAR, I had the privilege on 26 September to open our club’s season with a Garden Party held...

    Robin Goldsby in Stockholm

    "Piano Girl" Success in Stockholm!

    AWC Stockholm's "Piano Girl" concert was a successful fundraising event and a fantastic evening. Robin Meloy Goldsby provided a wonderful evening of piano music and storytelling for approximately 70 guests. Robin's program was delivered in two 45 minute segments separated by an intermission and short auction. We had a professional auctioneer, with a lot of humor,

    BUNCO! By Karen Malinowski AWC Hamburg

    I did it. I went to my first real AWC event. Being all new in the club, I thought that joining a fun activity, such as a game-night of Bunco would be a good start to loosen up and get in touch with other members. Boy, would I prove to be right.

    For the...



    When the American Women's Club of Gothenburg discussed the planning of the Region 2 Regional Meeting, three recurring thoughts came up consistently: show them who we are as a club, keep it relaxed, and feed the guests good food! Looking back on the Region 2 Regional Meeting held on September 20-22 in Gothenburg, Sweden, I think we...

    On November 26, 2012, the American Women’s Group of Languedoc-Roussillon was honored to invite Mr. Curtis Roosevelt in their hometown of Montpellier, France.  In addition to group members, several teenagers were invited to attend from a nearby lycee which included a member’s son.

     The octogenarian came from his home, also in France, for a discussion of his 2008 autobiography, Too...


    News from Our Clubs showcases the varied activities of FAWCO's member clubs worldwide.

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