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FAWCO Target Program 2019 - 2022: 

Health – Empowering Women and Girls by Ensuring Healthy Lives and Promoting Well-Being

Welcome to the new Target Program Health Blog, Health Matters! In this monthly blog we will be exploring matters important to women's (and girls') health: the top 10 issues for women's health according to the WHO, what prevents women and girls around the globe from enjoying good health, which societal and cultural factors play a role in health for women and girls, the targets of SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being, the relationship between SDG 3 and the other SDGs, and more! The subject of health is broad, and encompasses all of FAWCO's focus areas, so there will be something for everyone. Join us as we take a look at how ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being can empower and improve the lives of women and girls.


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adrianna van groningen MFnRo6uLNmg unsplash

“Aunt Flo. On the Rag. The Curse.” According to an international survey conducted in 2015 by the period app Clue along with the International Women's Health Coalition, there are 5,000 euphemisms used around the world for the words “menstruation” or “period.” While some of these terms may be funny, they also have a more somber side, because they reinforce the...

World Health Day

The World Health Organization (WHO) created a calendar of observance days/weeks with the aim of creating awareness and understanding about health issues and to mobilize support for action on an individual basis, or in organizations or broader society. The topics vary hugely and span numerous disease/illness areas that are addressed throughout a calendar year, whether they be Alzheimer’s Dementia or Zoonosis. The...

In 2007, the Women and Gender Equity Knowledge Network of the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health published their Report on Gender Inequity in Health. The report stated: “Gender inequality damages the physical and mental health of millions of girls and women across the globe. Taking action to improve gender equity in health and to address women's rights...

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