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AWGLR Cookbook cover

SEASON - A year of Cooking in Languedoc

Season costs €20 and can be purchased online from, see ‘Publications’.  The latest American Women’s Group’s (AWG) cookbook Season was launched in May, 2014. All 130 recipes in the book were contributed by AWG members and they appear under the season that best suits the ingredients. There are recipes for all occasions however celebratory or casual - hors d'oeuvres, starters, salads, main courses, desserts and some seasonal drinks.

Season is a cookbook for accomplished cooks as well as the not-so-experienced. It could successfully fight for space on a bookshop shelf in the 'Food & Drink' category. All the proceeds from the sales of Season will be donated to charity.

What is particularly special with Season is that every centime raised from the sale of this cookbook will go directly to three charitable organizations: The FAWCO Foundation - the philanthropic arm of the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas; the Jeevika Trust - a charity that tackles the roots of poverty in Indian villages by revitalizing communities, often starting with projects related to nutrition that the women develop into businesses; and Resto Bébés Montpellier - a charity that benefits mothers and babies. 


guidetoed sm

AAWE Guide to Education in France, 8th edition
AAWE - Paris

AAWE is proud to inform you of the publication of our brand new AAWE Guide to Education in France (8th edition).  The pillar publication of AAWE, now in its 8th edition, offers 450 pages of comprehensive information about educating children in France and includes a directory of over 200 bilingual and international schools throughout the country. Covering preschool through secondary schooling, topics range from choosing and enrolling in a school, to changing schools or moving between education systems, to secondary school paths and the French baccalauréat exam. Chapters discuss integrating into school from abroad, special learning needs, bilingualism, and reinforcing English. The go-to reference for families who need to understand the French education system and schooling options, the Guide accompanies international parents right through their child's education in France. This edition offers expanded French/English glossaries and a section of model “notes to the teacher”.  The new edition has grown immensely, adding chapters such as Extracurricular activities in English, Changing Schools, Special Needs and Summer Camps. To give you an idea of the depth of the issues covered, please find below the table of contents.The AAWE is happy to take online orders at:


Beyond the Bac - Higher Education in France and Abroad, 2nd edition, 2020

AAWE - Paris

Essential information about higher education options in France and abroad. Explains the structure and workings of the French higher education system and the recent reforms. Chapters devoted to the gap year, universities, prépas, grandes écoles, specialized schools, grad school for the international graduate, studying in English in France and other EU countries, and glossary of relevant French acronyms and terms. Separate chapters devoted to higher education in the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands and Australia, address education structures, application procedures, deadlines, financial aid and much more. Anecdotal comments from bicultural students provide a personal glimpse into various educational experiences.

Available on or directly from AAWE:



Apple Pie to Waterzooi 
American Women's Club of Brussels

Kitchen tested favorite recipes of American club members and our Belgian friends! A wonderful gift and/or souvenir that represents the best of Belgian and American cooking. 25 euros (outside Belgium), 20 euros in Belgium, with a 5 euro discount for those who come into the clubhouse to purchase it. (Prices do not include shipping costs). Proceeds are donated to the Fulbright Commission. Available through the AWCB website or on Amazon Worldwide



Education and Franco-American Children
AAWE - Paris

Do you have questions about choosing a school for your child in France? This 14-page color brochure, reporting the results of AAWE's 2007 education survey of nearly 300 member children, will provide you with a fresh perspective. Topics include kinds of schools attended; parent satisfaction with schools, English language support, foreign languages studied, diplomas obtained, higher education paths and much more. Published by AAWE, Paris, and available at




Vital Issues: How to Survive Officialdom While Living in France
AAWE - Paris

Information concerning important life issues confronting multicultural families living in France: marriage, employment, owning and renting property, divorce, mediation, care and services for seniors, retirement, wills and inheritance, and formalities following death. The third edition was expanded to include a chapter on citizenship for Americans living overseas, extensive glossaries of French terms, and even more useful addresses and Web sites. While many laws have changed since the book's publication in 2005, it remains a comprehensive resource for anglophone residents of France. available at



Let Them Eat Cake!

AAWE - Paris

This bilingual cookbook features 100 favorite American Dessert recipes. All your baking needs are covered, from cookies to pies, frozen desserts to recipes for kids, and let's not forget the cake! Also included are several pages of useful tips and hints, and where to buy hard-to-find ingredients. They are going like hotcakes, get yours while they last! Published by AAWE, Paris, and available at



Savouring the British Countryside
by Collection by Outi Baker, AW Surrey

Recipes from the American Women of Surrey Hikers shared along the foot paths of England. All proceeds go directly to support the charities sponsored by the American Women of Surrey. Available through 




Bistro Chez Moi
AWG Paris

AWG’s cookbook has proven to be popular with foodies everywhere. “Such a beautiful book! It’s so professionally done. Great recipes and charming stories. The beautiful drawings are a wonderful souvenir of Paris. I have given away many as gifts and everyone just raves!”

ISBN-10: 2952392501
Into the second printing! Available from AWG Paris website and Amazon worldwide20 Euros (France), 24 Euros (outside France). Please note, all proceeds from this book go to FAWCO!



At Home in Holland 
AWC The Hague    

Eburon B V :ISBN-10 9059722868 "The Netherlands is host to nearly 30 international organizations. The American Women's Club of The Hague has provided the best guide for employees of these organizations to move to and integrate into Dutch society." - The Honorable Charles N. Brower, Judge of the Iran-United States Available from bookstores everywhere, AWC of The Hague Website and Amazon worldwide




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