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    AW Berkshire & Surrey Bra Collection

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    Bras, bras, bras!  AWBS (International Women of Berkshire and Surrey) joined the ever-burgeoning groups of women across FAWCO and the world that are helping women make lives for themselves after breaking free from the horrors of the sex trade. 

    It was easy for our club to collect 85 bras in just a few months as every woman has a few ill-fitting bras in the back of her dresser.  A member took them to the US (hoping security wouldn’t ask too many questions about a suitcase full of colourful bras!) and sent them to  1552 Pioneer Trail, Chesterton, IN where they were sorted, counted and sent on to the women who will sell them as a way to create productive lives for themselves and their families.  It was fun, easy and a great way for women to help women.  Our board voted to send a check to the organization to help defray the costs of organizing and shipping.  Obviously many FAWCO clubs are getting excited about the project as Free the Girls was voted in as the new Target Project! 

    Chris Lienert
    FAWCO Rep, AW Berkshire & Surrey

    Free the Girls pic


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