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    Paula Lucas Meets AWC Lebanon Board

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    On April 7, 2014 a few AWC Lebanon members had the unique opportunity to meet Paula Lucas, founder of the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center (AODVC). In the very congenial atmosphere of a board member’s home, we learned about the terrifying experiences Paula and her children went through with her abusive husband. Her courageous escape with her three boys, and the consequent problems she faced in the US, made us sit up and listen. Her suffering and final salvation prompted her to decide to help other American women in similar situations around the world.

    We would have loved her to tell her story to all our club members, but time constraints made that impossible. We did invite two ladies from local associations Beit Al-Hanan and YWCA, which both offer crisis centers and shelter for abused women in Lebanon.

    It was our wish to help Paula Lucas, by letting her know of local possibilities, if her US crisis center is contacted by American women in Lebanon.

    We have these contacts and others through our charity work. The AWC has helped where it can, by giving much needed supplies and donations to the various organizations that help women, as well as other charities across Lebanon.

    We concluded our meeting with refreshments which gave each one of us the opportunity to meet Paula, ask her questions and buy her book Harvesting Stones. It was an eye-opening experience that made us realize how fortunate we are in our own marriages.

    June Bechara
    AWC Lebanon FAWCO Rep

    June Paula and Cynthia
    L to R: June Bechara, Paula Lucas, Cynthia Abi-Habib
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