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AmongtheMaasai Cover


Among the Maasai

by Juliet Cutler, FAUSA

In 1999, Juliet Cutler leaves the United States to teach at the first school for Maasai girls in East Africa, marking the beginning of a twenty-year journey to empower young Maasai women through education. Working alongside local teachers, Cutler emerges transformed by the community she finds in Tanzania and by witnessing the life-changing impact of education on her students—many of whom face staggering poverty, forced marriages, genital cutting, and other forms of gender-based violence—even as she examines the challenges inherent in tackling issues of human rights and extreme poverty across vastly different cultures.

All book proceeds are supporting education and safety for at-risk Maasai girls.

Among the Maasaiwon the2020 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award, one of the highest national honors in the United States for small presses and independently published books. It also won the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Award (gold medal for multicultural non-fiction) and the 2019 Living Now Book Award (bronze medal for inspirational memoir by a woman). The book is a finalist for several other awards.

To learn more,

Available on Amazon Worldwide and wherever books are sold.


Transparency cover



by Tracey Rosenberg, AWC Central Scotland

Secondary is the debut full-length collection of an insightful and compassionate poet.

Starting with the hopelessness of unrequited love, a theme which twines through medieval France, the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, and the cruelty of a Time Lord choosing yet another companion, the poems move to the agonies of cancer told from a myriad of perspectives. Even in despair, though, miracles are found— in gardens and the stars, in the loyalty of dogs and the trust of a man in a Black Watch kilt.

The book is available on Red Squirrel Press.






Ozlem's Turkish Table

by Ozlem Warren, AW Surrey

Born and raised in Turkey, author Ozlem Warren is passionate about sharing the riches of her homeland through its cuisine, with her cookery book, Ozlem’s Turkish Table. Ozlem taught Turkish cookery classes at Central Market Cooking Schools in Texas for five years. Then her family moved to England in 2009 prompting her to launch her blog ( to connect with food lovers globally. Ten years on, her love for Turkish cuisine has opened up exciting opportunities for her teaching classes in Amman, Jordan; London’s Divertimenti Cookery School, the Istanbul Culinary Institute in Istanbul and more.

Ozlem’s Turkish Table cookery book is Ozlem’s tribute to the diverse cuisine of Turkey and a celebration of her Southern Turkish roots from her home town, Antioch with personal stories and stunning photography. Ozlem takes you on a Turkish journey – to learn and enjoy the delicious foods of her homeland and feel the warmth and sharing spirit of Turkish culture.

Turkish cuisine is based on seasonal fresh produce. It is healthy, delicious and easy to make. Dishes are flavored naturally with: olive oil, lemon juice, nuts, spices, as well as condiments like pomegranate molasses. Turkish cuisine also offers plenty of options for vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan diets.

Ozlem’s Turkish Table, available on Amazon UK (hardback and Kindle) and on Amazon worldwide.

Ozlem’s Turkish Table - signed copies also delivered worldwide at






Parenting Adventures through Paris, Germany and America: A Multicultural, Instructive Memoir

by Marlane Nigbur (Wingo), AWC Hamburg

What's the ultimate goal for every parent? To raise a happy, independent child. Marlane was dumbfounded with German child-rearing techniques. When she moved to Hamburg, she could not understand their logic behind feeding their children mounds of bread and dessert. And why hasn’t anyone heard of sleep training? As an American living abroad, a new mom in a new country sets out to make sense of different parenting styles from Europe and America. She sports her cultured-colored sunglasses and ventures out with her son to playground playdates and gelato meet-ups. Geographically speaking, she assumed parenting tactics would be similar, but they often clash. After seeing past the stereotypes and gracefully collecting herself from embarrassing cultural mishaps, she maneuvers toward optimum results to raise her young gentleman. Let Marlane lead you into a real-life fairy tale where moms can take showers daily and wash their hair every three to four days. She believes babies can sleep through the night at three months; in return, both parents and child receive a good night’s sleep. And Brussels sprouts are not only served on the grown-ups’ table. Although Marlane does not pressure Alec with Suzuki piano lessons, she is determined to bring up a model UN citizen who is multilingual. Other advice and “this is how we do it in my country” are sprinkled throughout the book from parents around the world. Parenting Adventures through Paris, Germany and America is a chance to explore other cultures’ lives where Google Maps and drones might reach but cannot comprehend.

Available through Amazon and also available for Kindle.


Harvesting Stones
by Paula Lucas, FAUSA

Congratulations to Paula Lucas, FAUSA member and the founder of Americans Overseas Domestic Crisis Center, on the publication of her memoir Harvesting Stones! From victim to victor, Paula weaves you through her astonishing life journey for the first time since her escape almost fifteen years ago from an abusive husband in an exotic foreign land. Harvesting Stones is available on Amazon, paperback or Kindle.


Hostage in Havana
by Ann Somerhausen, AWC Brussels

Ann Somerhausen, an ambassador's wife recounts a year of diplomatic life in Cuba culminating in the terrifying ordeal of her husband being kidnapped by an armed and desperate dissident. Ann Somerhausen was born in Connecticut and grew up in New York City. After graduation from St. Lawrence University, she married Jean Somerhausen, a Belgian diplomat. In the course of her husband's long career she lived in seven different countries spread out over four continents. In addition to her duties as a diplomat's wife, she pursued her own vocation for writing. Short stories and articles have appeared under her name in various publications in the United States and in Belgium. The experience in Cuba had haunted her for many years before she finally was able to write about it in this memoir. She currently lives in Brussels, Belgium. Available at Amazon Worldwide.



Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas
by Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, AWC Antwerp

Your home country is a very large comfort zone. What can you do now to help you cope with the many differences of life overseas? It’s human nature to think that if something is different, it may be wrong. Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas will introduce you to some of the many differences you may encounter living in a country not of your origin. ISBN-13: 978-1904881667. Available at Amazon Worldwide.



Secrets of a Summer Village
by Saskia E. Akyil, IWC Munich

This young adult-general fiction crossover coming-of-age story follows Rachel Guo as she travels far away from her home and family in Olympia, Washington to spend her summer with a host family in Turkey. ISBN-13: 978-1463740115. Available at Amazon Worldwide and Barns&



The Prehistoric Rock Art of Morocco:
A Study of Its Extension, Environment and Meaning
by Susan Searight, AIWC Casablanca

This study analyses almost 300 known prehistoric rock art sites dating from c.2500 BC set within their environmental context. Susan Searight discusses the themes and motifs represented, comprising anthropomorphs, human hands and feet, weapons, agricultural tools, chariots and geometric forms, and their distribution. ISBN-13: 978-1-84171-659-6- Available through Amazon Worldwide.



Piano Girl: A Memoir
by Robin Meloy Goldsby, AIWC Cologne

“Goldsby has seen it all from her piano and she dishes it up with a true storyteller's gusto. As refreshing as a frozen daiquiri . . .” Jeff Yanc, Book Sense Picks and Notables

"Goldsby has a wicked sense of humor and a keen eye for the absurd. Big-hearted, funny, truly eye-opening memoir.” Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Backbeat Books.ISBN-13:978-0879308827. Available from Amazon.

waltz of the asparagus people


Waltz of the Asparagus People: The Further Adventures of Piano Girl

by Robin Meloy Goldsby, AIWC Cologne

Waltz of the Asparagus People follows the hero of Piano Girl, Robin Meloy Goldsby, and her family to Europe, recounting their adventures and frustrations as they learn a new language, adapt to a new culture, and find new friends. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, and always insightful, Goldsby’s lyrical stories reveal the trials and triumphs of an expatriate musician’s life, as Goldsby connects her music to family, friends, and home, past and present.
“Goldsby’s tales are often laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes poignant, and always abundantly human.”
Kathy Parsons,

Bass Lion Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1456477547. Available from bookstores everywhere and Amazon. Also available in all e-book formats.


Piano Girl cover


Piano Girl Playbook: Notes on a Musical Life

by Robin Meloy Goldsby, AIWC Cologne

Pre order at Amazon now! Publishing date: November 1, 2020

A pianist in lounges and lobbies around the world, Robin Meloy Goldsby tells her warm-hearted stories by linking people she has met with places she has played. Along the way, she connects the humanity of her audiences—princes and paupers, dreamers and doers, moguls, mobsters, wanna-bes, and has-beens—with the quiet soundtrack of her peripatetic, melodic life. Goldsby's autobiographical stories and essays deliver insights into the art and craft of piano playing, the merits of live music, and how the right song at the right moment can add color and depth to a drab, one dimensional world. Music, it turns out, connects us in unpredictable ways.


rhythm cover

Rhythm: A Novel
by Robin Meloy Goldsby, AIWC Cologne

Meet teenage drummer Jane Bowman. She’s fifteen, funny, and wounded by the loss of her famous percussionist mother. Robin Meloy Goldsby’s touching and humorous coming-of-age musical odyssey invites us to tap our toes in time to Jane’s powerful music — cheering her on as she mends her shattered heart, finds her groove, and discovers the tragic beauty of human resilience.
“Goldsby, who marries the pathos of her plot line with the whimsy and near-magical-realism of her characters, deserves comparison with John Irving, a modern master.” Marion Winik, NPR commentator and author of First Comes Love

Told with great passion and a marvelous sense of humor, Rhythm illustrates the obstacles a woman encounters in the male-dominated world of jazz. Bass Lion Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-1419699399. Available from bookstores everywhere and Amazon. Also available in all e-book formats.

Manhattan Road Trip Cover


Manhattan Road Trip: Short Stories

by Robin Meloy Goldsby, AIWC Cologne

In Robin Meloy Goldsby’s musical tales of passion, wild success, and gut-wrenching regret, a classical pianist battles middle age and Rachmaninoff; a bebop saxophonist struggles with a varmint sharing her New York City apartment; and a cellist performs Mozart for her mentally ill mother. Filled with the biting humor and razor-sharp honesty familiar to Goldsby’s Piano Girl fans, thirteen sparkling fictional stories illuminate the not-so-public lives of musicians. Fragile, feisty, courageous, but sometimes just plain world-weary, Goldsby’s unbreakable protagonists push aside little injustices, dodge the slings and arrows of their tone-deaf neighbors, and keep playing the music they love.

Available from Amazon. Also available for Kindle.


Beyond Borders
by My-Linh Kunst, AWC Berlin

Beyond Borders features inspiring FAWCO women making a difference to the world around them. This beautiful photography book makes a perfect gift for your women friends and as a speaker’s gift for your Club. Order online from Amazon.






Basel: A Cultural Experience
The first book available in English about Basel and its culture
by editor Shirley L. Kearney, AWC Basel

Shirley, member of AWC Basel was featured in Beyond Borders: Portraits of American Women around The World. 272 pages, with 90 color photos, 29 color illustrations, 101 b/w photos, 90 b/w illustrations, hardcover, thread sewing, with bookmark. ISBN 3-908142-23-7

This book is a unique perspective of Basel - its waters, history, people, churches, architecture, traditions, legends, and more - as portrayed by several Americans and Swiss, all of whom have experienced a special relationship with the city. An easy-to-read, non-academic text, based on the 1986 publication, corroborated by Basel experts in the museum, art history and cultural environments; personalized with historical images, photos and original artwork. Here is Basel as it has never been seen before, as it was yesterday and is today, with the people and forces that have influenced its development.

Join us on a short journey through its history and traditions as we go behind doors and windows, opening your eyes and revealing an unknown and fascinating picture of Basel. This book will make us all members of the FCB - the FAN CLUB of BASEL. For non-English speakers, a bonus is offered; the opportunity to improve your knowledge of English, while learning about Basel in a new light. The book is now available on

An original concept and production! The author's honorarium of SFRs 20,000 was offered directly to The FAWCO Foundation Awards Fund.

Stayed Awhile

Stayed Awhile
by Elayne Moisey, AWOG

Elayne Moisey has been an active member of AWOG in Greece since she first arrived in 1974. Stayed Awhile is an autobiographical description of the sad, amusing and every-day incidents of the life of an expatriate family in Tanganyika/Tanzania told in an anecdotal form. During the time from 1960 to 1971 Elayne lived through the end of the colonial period, the transfer to internal self government, independence and then the traumatic unification with Zanzibar.

Contact .





Such is Life in the Tropics - How difficult can it be to survive in paradise?
by Mercedes de Marchena, AWC in Curacao

FAWCO Regional Coordinator for Region 10 and Rep for more than 5 years, Mercedes writes a lighthearted and humorous, but moving, account of life as an expatriate in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles where her husband's family has been since 1659. They came from Spain and Portugal by way of Holland. She moved there in 1982 and stayed for more than 20 years. In the book, she details numerous ways to survive while capturing the unique experience of expatriate life in the Tropics. Mercedes had a list of reasons to leave, but when the time came, it was far more difficult than she expected. Now living in Miami, she is compiling a list of reasons to go back.

Chapter Seven has impressions and memories of FAWCO. Date published: September 2007.

Available at Amazon or through her publisher Author House.


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