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AmongtheMaasai Cover



by Juliet Cutler, FAUSA

In 1999, Juliet Cutler leaves the United States to teach at the first school for Maasai girls in East Africa, marking the beginning of a twenty-year journey to empower young Maasai women through education. Working alongside local teachers, Cutler emerges transformed by the community she finds in Tanzania and by witnessing the life-changing impact of education on her students—many of whom face staggering poverty, forced marriages, genital cutting, and other forms of gender-based violence—even as she examines the challenges inherent in tackling issues of human rights and extreme poverty across vastly different cultures.

All book proceeds are supporting education and safety for at-risk Maasai girls.

Among the Maasai won the 2020 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award, one of the highest national honors in the United States for small presses and independently published books. It also won the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Award (gold medal for multicultural non-fiction) and the 2019 Living Now Book Award (bronze medal for inspirational memoir by a woman). The book is a finalist for several other awards.

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Available on Amazon Worldwide and wherever books are sold.


Ozlem's Turkish Table 

by Ozlem Warren, AW Surrey

Born and raised in Turkey, author Ozlem Warren is passionate about sharing the  riches of her homeland through its cuisine, with her cookery book, Ozlem’s Turkish Table. Ozlem taught Turkish cookery classes at Central Market Cooking Schools in Texas for 5 years. Then her family moved to England in 2009 prompting her to launch her blog ( to connect with food lovers globally. 10 years on, her love for Turkish cuisine has opened up exciting opportunities for her teaching classes at JA University in Amman, Jordan; London’s Divertimenti Cookery School, the Istanbul Culinary Institute in Istanbul and more. 

Ozlem’s Turkish Table cookery book is Ozlem’s tribute to the diverse cuisine of Turkey and a celebration of her Southern Turkish roots from her home town, Antioch with personal stories and stunning photography. Ozlem takes you on a Turkish journey – to learn and enjoy the delicious foods of her homeland and feel the warmth and sharing spirit of Turkish culture.

Turkish cuisine is based on seasonal fresh produce. It is healthy, delicious and easy to make. Dishes are flavored naturally with: olive oil, lemon juice, nuts, spices, as well as condiments like pomegranate molasses. Turkish cuisine also offers plenty of options for vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan diets. email :  

Ozlem’s Turkish Table, available on Amazon UK (hardback and Kindle) and on Amazon worldwide

Ozlem’s Turkish Table - signed copies also delivered worldwide at


Songs on the Wind

by Alexandra Gregori

This book is a compilation of essays and poems about travel, food, local culture and expat life. For six years Alexandra was based in Manila, and used this vibrant, chaotic city as a diving board from which to explore the country, the region, and the world. Songs on the Wind shares her experiences of a portable life: its ups and downs, its tastes and textures and the abiding sense of adventure it has always inspired.

Currently 'Songs on the Wind' is only available at Bookmark, The Filipino Bookstore. Email:  




Parenting Adventures through Paris, Germany and America: A Multicultural, Instructive Memoir

by Marlane Wingo

What's the ultimate goal for every parent? To raise a happy, independent child. Marlane was dumbfounded with German child-rearing techniques. When she moved to Hamburg, she could not understand their logic behind feeding their children mounds of bread and dessert. And why hasn’t anyone heard of sleep training? As an American living abroad, a new mom in a new country sets out to make sense of different parenting styles from Europe and America. She sports her cultured-colored sunglasses and ventures out with her son to playground playdates and gelato meet-ups. Geographically speaking, she assumed parenting tactics would be similar, but they often clash. After seeing past the stereotypes and gracefully collecting herself from embarrassing cultural mishaps, she maneuvers toward optimum results to raise her young gentleman. Let Marlane lead you into a real-life fairy tale where moms can take showers daily and wash their hair every three to four days. She believes babies can sleep through the night at three months; in return, both parents and child receive a good night’s sleep. And Brussels sprouts are not only served on the grown-ups’ table. Although Marlane does not pressure Alec with Suzuki piano lessons, she is determined to bring up a model UN citizen who is multilingual. Other advice and “this is how we do it in my country” are sprinkled throughout the book from parents around the world. Parenting Adventures through Paris, Germany and America is a chance to explore other cultures’ lives where Google Maps and drones might reach but cannot comprehend.

Also available for Kindle.

 A.S. Ceyda book cover 2

Beirut: I Came, I Saw, I Fled 
by Aysel Sekmac

AIWC Cologne member has just self-published her first book.

What do you get when you put a Turkish-Kurdish woman from Germany into Beirut, Lebanon, a war-ridden country where she is faced with people who do their utmost to portray themselves as westernized but live in a patriarchic society, a friendship with a CIA refugee and a dysfunctional love relationship with a Lebanese hunk with the mentality of a Neanderthal?  BEIRUT: I CAME, I SAW, I FLED is a 121, 650-word novel containing a spicy mix of romance, war, drama, comedy, and satire; it is the story of a young woman who travels to Beirut in search of herself but who flees the country in the dead of night more confused and distraught than ever before. 


  Demolition Queen

Demolition Queen - Champagne, Murder & Chaos
by Betsy Cook Speer 

Demolition Queen is Betsy's debut novel. She is in her second year as President of American Women of Surrey. She's lived in the UK for 17 1/2 years with husband and three sons (24,21 and 17). Grew up in Charlotte, NC went to Denison University and have B.S. in Chemistry. Betsy loves knocking down walls, doing plumbing and creating art! Betsy will be donating to FAWCO a percentage of her royalty from each Demolition Queen ebook purchased thru Amazon.

Book Description
Knocking down walls, fencing like a pro, and guzzling champagne is all in a day’s work on Sam Albany’s demolition-action TV show.

So, life for this American in England is pretty darn great. That is until the ‘love-of-her-life’ fatally crashes into a Swiss mountainside and she marries Conrad who loves three things, a glittering aristocratic lifestyle, his successful anti-fraud company, and jealously controlling his new wife, Sam. 

That’s not the worst of it. Someone has hijacked the life-saving bio-technology her brilliant Mom developed. When people start dying, Sam sets-off on the most bizarre and perilous scavenger hunt of her life. She kidnaps, demolishes, and shoots her way through Europe, determined to save the day. That’s if she manages to stay alive… 



Harvesting Stones

Harvesting Stones
by Paula Lucas

FAUSA member Paula Lucas publishes memoirs
Congratulations to Paula Lucas, FAUSA member and the founder of Americans Overseas Domestic Crisis Center on the October 7th publication of her memoir Harvesting Stones.  From victim to victor, Paula weaves you through her astonishing life journey for the first time since her escape almost fifteen years ago from an abusive husband in an exotic foreign land. Buy Harvesting Stones on Amazon, paperback or kindle! 




LOVE REFUGEE: Home Sweet Sweden, (Where Love Leads Trilogy, book III) 
by Jann Mitchell, AWC Stockholm

Trusting that “the third time’s a charm,” this 55-year-old woman sells her beloved houseboat, takes early retirement, kisses her kids and grandkids good-bye and moves to Sweden to live with the love of her life - Husband Number III. But is life compatible with a silent Swede? In a climate with just several hours of daylight in winter? In a country where witches knock on your door at Easter and sitting naked in a sauna with neighbors is normal? In a language where the word for marriage is the same as for poison? In a town of tall, slim blondes where this short and graying brunette is always the chubbiest person present? Definitely YES as love ripens and becomes all she’d hoped for, as she comes to see her country from an outsider’s perspective. EXCEPT for the tearful days when she longs to flee home – until she learns to laugh at her new country’s customs. Available on Amazon Worldwide 




THE SCHOOL THAT LOVE BUILT: An African Adventure, (Where Love Leads Trilogy, book II) 
by Jann Mitchell, AWC Stockholm

As he develops an AIDS vaccine against the disease which has decimated Africa, she explores the dusty streets of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – hoping for something important to do. Invited to a village school, she loses her heart to a handful of tots dancing to a goatskin drum in a tiny dark room of the teacher’s three-room home. But teacher Fatuma Gwao has a dream – and a foundation of bricks in her dirt yard. With donations from their weddings in the U.S. and Sweden, Jann and her husband make this single Muslim mother’s dream a reality. With help from FAWCO and other donors world-wide, the two-room preschool grows to house seven grades and 200 children. GRANDMA-2-GRANDMA, a Smart Girls Club, an orphanage and a farm follow, as hundreds of AIDS orphans and underprivileged people open their homes and hearts to their new bibi (grandmother) and babu (grandfather). Vol. 2 of the WHERE LOVE LEADS Trilogy is an evocative, heart-warming, and inspiring sojourn through Tanzania, where the author – and donors like your club members – learn that it IS possible to make a difference in the world. Available on Amazon Worldwide




River Through My Soul, (Where Love Leads Trilogy, Book I) 
by Jann Mitchell, AWC Stockholm

Life had dished out two divorces, disillusionment with love and work, and emptiness in a consumer society. So this middle-aged mom wrested back the simple life and a long-held dream: She paid off her debts, went part-time at work and moved to a houseboat outside Portland, Oregon. Without TV, office politics and nearby malls, she savored serenity and solitude on the river currents, surrounded by otters below and eagles above. Only her bed was empty. Available at Amazon Worldwide 




Run & Gun: A Dozen Tales of Girls with Guns 
by Diana Deverell, AWC Copenhagen

Eleven of these short stories featuring FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd, her lovely cohorts, and a cast of villains appeared inAlfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Dawna confronts a Warsaw crime boss, a New York City bounty hunter, and a Homeland Security agent cowboying in the middle of the North Sea, among others. She solves crimes ranging from human trafficking to health care fraud, illegal sports betting, nuclear smuggling, and more. Foiling devious plots from Silicon Valley to Ulan Bator, Dawna shuts down not only the FBI’s most wanted but also any crook fool enough to mess with her family. More details at  Digital versions of Run & Gun and Diana's other titles are available in all formats from Amazon worldwide and other ebook vendors. Available at Amazon Worldwide.




Hostage in Havana 
by Ann Somerhausen, AWC Brussels

Ann Somerhausen, an ambassador's wife recounts a year of diplomatic life in Cuba culminating in the terrifying ordeal of her husband being kidnapped by an armed and desperate dissident. Ann Somerhausen was born in Connecticut and grew up in New York City. After graduation from St. Lawrence University, she married Jean Somerhausen, a Belgian diplomat. In the course of her husband's long career she lived in seven different countries spread out over four continents. In addition to her duties as a diplomat's wife, she pursued her own vocation for writing. Short stories and articles have appeared under her name in various publications in the United States and in Belgium. The experience in Cuba had haunted her for many years before she finally was able to write about it in this memoir. She currently lives in Brussels, Belgium. Available at Amazon Worldwide




 Boat People: Personal Stories From the Vietnamese Exodus 1975 - 1996 
by Carina Hoang, AWC  Perth

The years 1975 to 1996 were witness to the largest mass migration in modern history when more than a million people left war-torn Vietnam by boat in search of safety. Thousands perished when their boats fell apart en route, others succumbed to starvation, dehydration and cold-blooded attacks by Thai pirates. Combining autobiographical accounts from survivors with evocative images and ephemera from the time, this book is a moving account of the boat people experience. Available at Amazon Worldwide




Primary Fault
by Sharon Reamer, IWC Cologne

FAWCO member Sharon K. Reamer is from American International Women'c Club Cologne. As a teen, Sharon developed a deep love for speculative fiction including science fiction, horror, and fantasy and acquired an affinity for magical realism. She credits her father with an early inoculation by his insistence that she watch Frankenstein, Wolfman and Dracula movies with him as soon as she was old enough to scream. Primary Fault is the first novel in her Schattenreich fantasy series. Available at Amazon Worldwide




Water Changing the Flow
by Eileen Green-Doyle, AWC Dublin

FAWCO member Eileen Green-Doyle, from the American Women’s Club in Dublin, Ireland, has published a beautiful water photography book entitled Water – Changing the Flow. The book is comprised of photo contributions from FAWCO members from around the world.  It costs €30.00 (including shipping) and 100% of the proceeds will go to the FAWCO Target Water Project, Tabitha –Cambodia, Wells for Clean Water.  Email  to place an order.




Learning Without Boundaries 
by Susan Van Alsenoy, AWC Antwerp

Learning Without Boundries exposes the reader to many of the conditions that confront individuals who learn differently as they attempt to acquire an education, not only in their home countries, but also when they are transplanted abroad. It is a guide for parents, educational professionals, and students as they attempt to navigate obstacles placed in their way by often well-intentioned people who don't understand LD problems sufficiently. ISBN-13: 978-1936447251. Available at Amazon worldwide.




Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas
by Elizabeth Ven-Kelly, AWC Antwerp 

Your home country is a very large comfort zone. What can you do now to help you cope with the many differences of life overseas? It’s human nature to think that if something is different, it may be wrong. Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas will introduce you to some of the many differences you may encounter living in a country not of your origin. ISBN-13: 978-1904881667. Available at Amazon Worldwide and electronically here




Secrets of a Summer Village
by Saskia E. Akyil, IWC Munich

This young adult-general fiction crossover coming-of-age story follows Rachel Guo as she travels far away from her home and family in Olympia, Washington to spend her summer witha host family in Turkey. ISBN-13: 978-1463740115. Available at Amazon Worldwide and Barns&




Wild Garlic: Culinary Memoirs
by Peggy Tolleson

Wild Garlic entertainingly recounts the author's interest and joy in cooking and collecting recipes during her peripatetic life. Going from Switzerland to Colorado, Wyoming back to Switzerland for a short stay then onto Italy, France, Tunisia and England.
Finally it tells the story of how the Tollesons found and settled at Les Micocouliers in the Cevennes mountains of France. ISBN-13: 978-0955750908. Available on Peggys site and Amazon Worldwide




The Prehistoric Rock Art of Morocco:
A Study of Its Extension, Environment and Meaning
by Susan Searight, AIWC Casablanca    

This study analyses almost 300 known prehistoric rock art sites dating from c.2500 BC set within their environmental context. Susan Searight discusses the themes and motifs represented, comprising anthropomorphs, human hands and feet, weapons, agricultural tools, chariots and geometric forms, and their distribution. ISBN-13: 978-1-84171-659-6- Available through David Broen Book Co. and Amazon Worldwide




Maverick Guide to Morocco 
by Susan Searight, AIWC Casablanca 

Searight has lived in Casablanca for more than 25 years, working as an archaeologist and tour guide. The first few chapters of this thorough guide give brief highlights and advice on tours, transportation, money, electricity, and other quick facts. The guide then delves into more detailed explanations of the Moroccan culture, religion, climate, and cuisine. ISBN: 1565543483, 9781565543485. Available on Amazon Worldwide




Piano Girl: A Memoir
by Robin Meloy Goldsby, AIWC Cologne

Robin Meloy Goldsby Publishers Weekly Starred Review: Goldsby has a wicked sense of humor and a keen eye for the absurd. This is big-hearted, funny, truly eye-opening memoir.

Backbeat Books. ISBN-13: 978-0879308827. Available from bookstores everywhere and Amazon worldwide. 



rhythm cover

Rhythm: A Novel
by Robin Meloy Goldsby, AIWC Cologne

Told with great passion and a marvelous sense of humor, Rhythm illustrates the obstacles a woman encounters in the male-dominated world of jazz. Bass Lion Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-1419699399. Available from bookstores everywhere and Amazon worldwide. Also available in all e-book formats.



waltz of the asparagus people 

Waltz of the Asparagus People:
The Further Adventures of Piano Girl
by Robin Meloy Goldsby, AIWCCologne

Robin Meloy Goldsby Bass Lion Publishing

Waltz of the Asparagus People follows Goldsby and her family to Europe, recounting their adventures and frustrations as they learn a new language, adapt to a new culture, and find new friends. ISBN-13: 978-1456477547. Available from bookstores everywhere and Amazon worldwide. Also available in all e-book formats.




Beyond Borders 
by My-Linh Kunst, AWC Berlin

Beyond Boarders features inspiring FAWCO women making a difference to the world around them. This beautiful photography book makes a perfect gift for your women friends and as a speakers gift for your Club. Order directly from the photographer, FAWCO president My-Linh Kunst at or on Amazon Worldwide Contact  for volume discounts.




The Worst In Him
by Diana Smith Walsh

When you purchase The Worst In Him, (Should Not Hurt Youby Diana Smith WalshAWC Shanghai, net proceeds support Purchase at Author page: Worldwide or .




The Girl in The Bunker 
by Tracey Rosenberg, AWC Central Scotland                         

Cargo Publishing ISBN 10: 095630835X Tracey S. Rosenberg explores the downfall of the Nazi regime through the eyes of a child - the twelve-year-old daughter of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. Available from bookstores everywhere and Amazon worldwide Also available in all e-book formats.                                                                 




Basel: A Cultural Experience
The first book available in English about Basel and its culture
by Shirley L. Kearney, editor

Member of AWC Basel and featured in Beyond Borders: Portraits of American Women around The World 272 pages, with 90 color photos, 29 color illustrations, 101 b/w photos, 90 b/w illustrations.
Hardcover, thread sewing, with bookmark
ISBN 3-908142-23-7

This book is a unique perspective of Basel - its waters, history, people, churches, architecture, traditions, legends, and more - as portrayed by several Americans and Swiss, all of whom have experienced a special relationship with the city. An easy-to-read, non-academic text, based on the 1986 publication, corroborated by Basel experts in the museum, art history and cultural environments; personalized with historical images, photos and original artwork. Here is Basel as it has never been seen before, as it was yesterday and is today, with the people and forces that have influenced its development.

Join us on a short journey through its history and traditions as we go behind doors and windows, opening your eyes and revealing an unknown and fascinating picture of Basel. This book will make us all members of the FCB - the FAN CLUB of BASEL. For non-English speakers, a bonus is offered; the opportunity to improve your knowledge of English, while learning about Basel in a new light.

An original concept and [production! The author's honorarium of SFRs 20,000 was offered directly to The FAWCO Foundation Awards Fund 



Stayed Awhile

Stayed Awhile
by Elayne Moisey,  AWOG

Elayne Moisey has been an active member of AWOG in Greece since she first arrived in 1974.  Stayed Awhile is an autobiographical description of the sad, amusing and every-day incidents of the life of an expatriate family in Tanganyika/Tanzania told in an anecdotal form. During the time from 1960 to 1971 Elayne lived through the end of the colonial period, the transfer to internal self government, independence and then the traumatic unification with Zanzibar.

Contact .





by Lara Santoro

Lara Santoro, the daughter of FAUSA Metropolitan Boston coordinator Barbara Santoro, has just published her first book. The book is called “Mercy,” and it deals with the AIDS epidemic in Africa .

It is available from Amazon, as well as in bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders in the U.S., and will soon be published in the UK:

“Mercy” is the compelling story of a journalist in Africa covering the AIDS epidemic, and the language is lean, the imagery both profoundly sad and emotionally powerful– this was a book that I started after lunch, read until 2AM, and continued the next morning, still in my bathrobe, until I finished. It is a book that brought tears to my eyes as I read the final pages, and one that affected me so powerfully that I feel compelled to recommend it.

Lara is a journalist who has worked for the Christian Science Monitor and Newsweek, and lived on assignment in Africa. She grew up in Italy, with an American mother (Barbara) and an Italian father (Raffaele), and graduated from Smith.   Lara is a true FAWCO child, growing up in Italy . 

While her book is classified as fiction, it is truly her own story. It is a picture of Africa that many of us don’t want to see.




Such is LIfe in the Tropics - How difficult can it be to survive in paradise?
by Mercedes de Marchena, AWC in Curacao

FAWCO Regional Coordinator for Region 10 and Rep for more than 5 years, writes a lighthearted and humorous, but moving account of life as an expatriate in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles where her husband's family has been since 1659. They came from Spain and Portugal by way of Holland. She moved there in 1982 and stayed for more than 20 years. In the book, she details numerous ways to survive while capturing the unique experience of expatriate life in the Tropics. Mercedes had a list of reasons to leave, but when the time came, it was far more difficult than she expected. Now living in Miami, she is compiling a list of reasons to go back.  

Chapter Seven has impressions and memories of FAWCO. Date published: September 2007.

Purchase: worldwide

Or through her publisher:

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