Human Rights

Human Trafficking is not an official committee of the Human Rights Team, but FAWCO has committed to raising awareness and fundraising for organizations actively combatting human trafficking against women around the world.

“The trade in and exploitation of human beings through trafficking is one of the gravest violations of human dignity that exist. The purposes of trafficking in persons range from forced and bonded labour to various forms of sexual exploitation, forced marriages, removal of organs and other contemporary practices similar to slavery."

Navi Pillay

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Target Program: Human Rights for Women

In March 2013, Human Rights for Women – Protecting the Rights and Improving the Lives of Women and Girls Worldwide, was announced as the overarching theme for the FAWCO Target Program 2013 - 2016.

With the support of The FAWCO Foundation Backing Women Campaign and Member Clubs from every region of FAWCO, over $172,000 was contributed to Free the Girls, which allowed this start up non-profit the necessary breathing room to streamline operations, fine tune their limited staff positions, all while maintaining a focus on the women they serve. Women who, prior to participating in the Free the Girls program, did not have a means to support themselves or their families. Women, whose children and very often, children of extended family members, now attend school with school fees paid from their earnings. Women who, through their own purchasing power, now support the local economy.

Learn more about the Target Program: Human Rights for Women

Stand Up Against Human Trafficking Symposium

In October 2016, FAWCO hosted the Stand Up Against Human Trafficking Symposium in the Hague and a FAWCO Experience preceding it in Amsterdam to raise awareness on this significant global challenge.  

Learn more about the Symposium 

Combat Modern Day Slavery

And take a look at the US State Department’s list of actions you can take to combat modern day slavery and be an everyday hero.

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