Tharien Van Eck 2019

Tharien Van Eck
Target Program Chair
AWC Antwerp


Martha Canning
Target Health Education Chair
AWC Amsterdam

Christine Rigby Hall 2019

Christine Rigby-Hall
Target Project Selection Chair
AWC Amsterdam


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"Promoting Well-Being and Healthy Lives for Women and Girls" was announced as the theme for the 2019-2022 FAWCO Target Program Health at the Biennial Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, on March 24, 2019.



Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

– World Health Organization 
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Key Areas that have Serious Consequences for Female Health

  • unequal power relationships

  • social factors

  • malnutrition

  • universal coverage

  • environment

  • hiv

  • mosquito nets/malaria prevention

  • tobacco use

  • discrimination

  • mortality during pregnancy and childbirth

  • economic empowerment

  • lack of information

  • physical, sexual and emotional violence

  • sexually transmitted infections

  • unsafe cooking fuels

  • early marriage


Target Project Announcement  


cropped logo 1Target 4.0 HEALTH - "Promoting Well-Being and Healthy Lives for Women and Girls"

Announcing the 2020-2022 FAWCO Target Project: S.A.F.E. (Safe Alternatives for Female Genital Mutilation).

(A project of Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania - submitted by Jane Romain of the Munich International Women’s Club)


Target Health Blog:  Health Matters

In our monthly Target Blog, we will learn about the most important issues in women's and girls' health:

  • What are the top ten issues for women's and girls' health?

  • What prevents women and girls from accessing quality health care?

  • What are the goals established by world leaders in health to remedy these issues?

  • What are the effects of poor health on women and girls, their families, communities and societies?

  • What is the impact on women and girls, their families, communities and societies when good health is achieved?

Target Health Bulletin

Our monthly Target Bulletin, will update you on the current status of the Target Program, tease you with a snippet from our blog: Health Matters, and celebrate the FAWCO community coming together to support women and girls' health.

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2019.07 Target Program Health Flyer A5Target Project Flyer

A printable flyer highlighting all the key information about the Target Project S.A.F.E. for Health.
Please share them with your friends and fellow club members. 








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