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I highly recommend the movie, Capernaum, which I saw at the Edinburgh International Film Festival the night before the FAWCO conference last March. I watched the movie in the original language (Arabic and Ampharic) with English subtitles. It contains strong language, references to child abuse and drug misuse.

Zain (Zain Al Rafeea) is a young boy living with his family...

World Refugee Day is June 20th

This content was originally published as a FAWCO-wide awareness raising campaign for World Refugee Day 2018 by the FAWCO Target Program for Education. The following is credited to Julie Lehr, Lauren Mescon and Tricia Saur.

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  1. WALK/RUN: Most refugees don’t "get out" by plane with their belongings, most have no...

Juneteenth celebrations mark the abolition of slavery on June 19th in the United States.  Many African-Americans celebrate this date instead of the Fourth of July.  If your people do not have a history of slavery, perhaps you didn't know this.  Now we know.  

Juneteenth website


Julie Mowat (AWC The Hague), Human Rights Team Co-Chair



Looking for some training on being a Human Rights Defender?  Wondering what this all means? Amensty International offers an on-line course, available free of charge (although for $49 you can get an official certificate of completion) that you can take in a 4 week period:  Amnesty's Human Rights Defender course.

As you begin the course, you will very soon come across...

Happy Human Rights Team

by Julie Mowat (Human Rights Team Co-Chair, AWC The Hague) and Mary Dobrian (VP Global Issues, AIWC Cologne)

At the 2019 Biennial Conference in Edinburgh, Karen Castellon (AWC Berlin) and Julie Mowat (AWC The Hague) took over from Therese Hartwell (FAUSA) as new Co-Chairs of FAWCO’s Human Rights Team. They would like to introduce the Team’s subcommittee chairs and also...

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