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    Johanna Dishongh


    Johanna Dishongh
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    If you are an American living overseas you may have many questions about your rights and responsibilities. FAWCO is the oldest and largest non-partisan organization representing private sector Americans abroad. FAWCO works to keep the public up to date on issues important to Americans living and working overseas, including citizenship, voting, taxation, and banking concerns.

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    US Issues Committees

    FAWCO’s US Issues Committees serve as a valuable resource to assist you with US Citizenship, Tax and Banking, and Voting from Overseas issues and to work for more effective representation in Washington.

    US Liaison

    The FAWCO US Liaison helps to coordinate FAWCO’s work with other overseas advocacy organizations and represents FAWCO’s positions in Washington during Overseas Americans Week, for example, or when legislation is drafted or introduced that directly affects Americans living and working overseas.

    Contact the US Liaison at .

    Overseas Americans Week

    Have you ever heard of Overseas Americans Week ?  Discover what happens every year in Washington on your behalf.

    Americans Abroad Caucus

    In fact, did you know that FAWCO was instrumental in the creation of the Americans Abroad Caucus?  Learn more about this group of Congresspersons with a special interest in the concerns of US citizens living overseas.

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