2018 may be remembered as the year planet Earth cried for help loud enough for humans to begin to hear. Devastating forest fires in California, a deadly heatwave in Japan, drought in central and northern Europe, severe flooding in Kerala, India - environmental disasters were often on the news. Though no single extreme weather event can be attributed to climate change,

While most FAWCO members agree that the environment is an important issue, very few clubs organize any kind of activity to increase awareness and/or take positive action on an environmental issue. The Environment Team would like to change that by encouraging clubs to plan an event for Earth Day on April 22. (That’s right after Easter this year, so if...

How about suggesting a good novel with an environment theme for your club’s book discussion group? This would be a great way to encourage some conversation about one of the global topics that FAWCO focuses on. Read on for some information on the book we suggest, as well as some discussion questions to get the conversation going. Just add book worms

On October 19, 1987, a violent storm swept through southeast England and Belgium, felling hundreds of venerable trees and leaving a path of destruction in its wake. In the Forêt de Soignes, the urban forest outside Brussels, tall beech trees lay scattered like skittles. It was a shocking demonstration of the force of nature. During the 1990s, the Environment Committee...


  1. Choose your site - Bear in mind the mature height that your tree will reach.  Do you want your tree to provide shade, to be part of a windbreak, to mask road noise and pollution, to create privacy, to provide shelter and food for small animals and birds, or do you want it simply to beautify your...

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