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In the midst of the world’s sixth mass extinction, three birds were believed to have gone extinct from the wild in 2018. The year before, it was three lizards, plus a bat and a cat. Of the 96,900 species assessed for the IUCN’s Red List, roughly one in four are threatened with extinction. This is not including the species that we have...

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Parenting.FirstCry.comEvery parent knows that children are concrete and hands-on oriented. This makes recycling a perfect area for teaching kids some of the principles of environmental responsibility. The fact that parents are setting an example (we know you are conscientious about recycling!) is another plus. In addition, kids learn that everything in nature is cyclic, from biochemical cycles on up to...

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Some time ago I read an article about nature deficiency syndrome as applied to the individual. Working on a computer in an office, exercising in the gym, spending hours each day with electronic devices; modern life for most of us takes place largely out of touch with nature. This is by definition ”unnatural”, and the article mentions a number of...


When my kids were hungry, I couldn’t stand it; I did everything possible to feed them with a healthy snack. When they were hungry, they’d act out; they’d fight; they’d be disagreeable and downright obnoxious.  All moms know what I’m talking about.

Photo from Africa Mouth.comI’m sitting here today writing this article knowing full well that almost 820 million people,

2018 may be remembered as the year planet Earth cried for help loud enough for humans to begin to hear. Devastating forest fires in California, a deadly heatwave in Japan, drought in central and northern Europe, severe flooding in Kerala, India - environmental disasters were often on the news. Though no single extreme weather event can be attributed to climate change,

While most FAWCO members agree that the environment is an important issue, very few clubs organize any kind of activity to increase awareness and/or take positive action on an environmental issue. The Environment Team would like to change that by encouraging clubs to plan an event for Earth Day on April 22. (That’s right after Easter this year, so if...

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