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    Americana is an educational program designed to reinforce a positive American identity by providing a safe environment for children to explore their American identity and allowing children to interact with other American youngsters. It builds language skills by introducing words, ideas, concepts as well as songs, games, literature (poems, stories...) that are not part of their everyday context.

    Students Who Learn Differently Overseas

    If you are a student who learns differently who is living abroad, a family member of such a student, or an educational professional concerned with the teaching of such students, this is an invaluable resource. FAWCO volunteer Susan van Alsenoy (AWC Antwerp) conducted a multi-year study from 1999 to 2011. In many cases, the respondents were American women living overseas at the time of the study. Many were living in non-English speaking countries. Often the women had to try to find adequate accommodations for their LD learners with little or no assistance. Students Who Learn Differently Overseas is an attempt to help fill that void by researching accommodations, rights, and resources that are or should be made available to our learning differently students, their families and their educators. Although the information hasn't been updated in many years, it could be a good starting point for future research.

    Sharing Cultures

    The Sharing Cultures Committee supports FAWCO Member Clubs in their efforts to promote mutual understanding and awareness of customs, cultural differences, and local environments in order to bridge the gaps that exist between nations and different populations. The committee welcomes FAWCO Member Club programs or activities that help Club members, their families, and/or the local community learn from one another.

    A Day in Your City provides insider tips on the special places where FAWCO members live, with information on more than 20 cities from Aberdeen to Shanghai. Although the articles are no longer being updated, you and your members might still appreciate the tips from other FAWCO members.

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