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    Annual Report written by Arandeep Degun (AIWC Cologne); edited for website publication by Carol-Lyn McKelvey (AIWC Cologne, FAUSA)


    Remaining true to the mission statement, “Increasing Awareness of Global Issues in Education,” in 2019, the Education Team continued their reasearch and outreach within four areas of SDG 4: Global Citizenship (SDG 4.7), Literacy (SDG 4.6), Equal Access (SDGs 4.24.5) and...

    by Arandeep Degun

    To wrap up the education system successes, challenges and opportunities in our Countries from A-Z series, here are informative and interesting links to the remaining countries beginning with the letters U, V, Y and Z. There are no sovereign countries beginning with W or X.






    We hope that you enjoyed reading the...


    by Karen Boeker

    "Despite universal recognition of the right to education for everyone, girls are still more likely than boys never to attend school," states a United Nations report on girls’ education.1

    The problem of not being able to provide a proper primary and secondary school education for all children still exists in the world. Despite the fact that it is...

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