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    US Citizenship

    It's not always easy to be an American living overseas!

    Complications may arise when you want to contact the Social Security Administration for help in obtaining a Social Security number, creating or managing a personal Social Security account, changing your information on file with the SSA, etc.

    Two of the most common questions we receive about Social Security are how...

    The following information comes to us from the Federal Benefits Unit London but pertains to beneficiaries in a number of countries without and outside of Europe:

    If you have questions about Social Security – applications, benefits, etc. and live in the Benelux area, you must as of 1 October 2017, contact Dublin (Ireland) for these services. The Federal Benefits Unit...

    The following is a summary of the Citizenship Update presented at the Rome Conference held in March 2015; in case there are questions/comments, please contact me at

    The overlap of tax issues and citizenship issues is greater than ever before. The short answer is to become compliant with FBARs (at least the past six years) and other...

    Dual citizens of the Gulf States (or countries where dual citizenship is not recognized) should be aware of the following  potential problems due to the enactment of the FATCA provisions.  Some of the Gulf States may rescind the nationality of its citizens and this adds further complications to these individuals. Read more in this article by Virginia La Torre Jeker, J.D., a US...

    Consular Processing Fees Change on 6 September 2014

    Consular processing fees are changing as of 6 September 2014! The greatest increase (there are a few fees that are being lowered) is the fee for applications for the Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship. The current fee is $450 but as of 6 September the fee skyrockets to $2350 (!), a 422% increase.

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