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    Clubs in Motion

    Clubs in Motion!

    Join Clubs in Motion and get moving with FAWCO. If your club has a walking, hiking or running group, this is for YOU! You can dowload a flyer to publicize the program to your club members by opening Clubs_In_Motion.doc.  

    Let's get moving! Join FAWCO Clubs in Motion today! Happy and healthy! 

    Our FAWCO Leadership was caught in the act - out WALKING while attending the Geneva NGO Forum Beijing+20!!  From left to right on the rock...  Kathleen Simon (Counselor & AWC Bern), Maggie Palu (AWG-LR - thanks to Maggie for the photos), My-Linh Kunst (President & AWC Berlin), Monica Jubayli (1st VP & AWC Lebanon), Suzanne Wheeler (Foundation Board Member & AAWE Paris), and Sallie Chaballier (2nd VP & AAWE Paris). Well done ladies! 


    Clubs in Motion is a FAWCO initiative to encourage members to stay physically fit.
    Keep your club members healthy and increase FAWCO awareness. Start sending a record of all those kilometers or miles your clubs' walkers and runners have walked or run NOW!

    Who can send in kilometers/miles?
    FAWCO Club activities can include walking groups, participating in walks/runs in your area, organizing a walk with your club members ,etc. In order for the kilometers / miles to count, three or more members must be exercising together.  We are not gathering data from individuals walking on their own, because this is about both the physical benefits and the mental benefits of getting active together!  
    How will the kilometers/miles be tallied?
    Send kilometers from club activities with club name to and the number of participants. Please include the name and location of any organized walks/runs - for example: breast cancer awareness, club walking group, marathons, etc. and any special locations. Send photos!

    You'll find updates on the FAWCO Clubs In Motion page under the Health Team site, so you can check the progress of the various clubs.

    Why should clubs get involved?
    Exercise benefits your health. Did you know that for every hour of regular, vigorous exercise you do, like brisk walking, you can live two hours longer? And we all know that it's more FUN to exercise with friends. Clubs in Motion will be a fun way to get your members active and interested in FAWCO, and introduce them to FAWCO's website.

    Top 10 reasons to Get in Motion with Clubs in Motion:

    • Prevent Type 2 diabetes
    • Reduce risk of heart disease
    • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis: strengthen bones/maintain bone density
    • Improve blood pressure
    • Help lower cholesterol
    • Help you maintain a healthy body weight
    • Reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer
    • Good for your brain: cognitive functions improve with regular exercise
    • Enhance well-being and reduce stress
    • Improve fitness

    When do we start?

    NOW! Let’s ‘move it’ together -- with FAWCO!







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