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    FAWCO's Environment Team aims to inform members about global environmental issues that confront our planet, such as air, soil & water pollution, energy efficiency, conservation and waste reduction, and the major issues of global climate change. Since we believe that each person can make a difference, one of our main goals is to help members become more environmentally minded through the choices they make in their daily lives. The Team also seeks to promote informed action within FAWCO, at both global and local levels. Major past activities have supported carbon sequestration through tree planting and water awareness in conjunction with the First Target Program.

    For more information and to get involved with us, contact the Environment Team Chair at .


    Anne van Oorschot-Warwick

    (AWC The Hague)


    The Health Team provides information on women's health and aging to allow you to make informed health decisions. We will take a holistic approach to help us safeguard and nurture our bodies, as well as enrich our minds and spirits. There will be articles and reports, suggested books, and FAWCO member contributions. We will also include practical information and resources, such as caring for loved ones from a distance, for ourselves and family members. 

    In 2014, we re-launched Clubs in Motion, with the goal to walk or run around the globe before the March 2015 Conference. That's 40,000 kms, so we better get moving! To learn more, sign up your club's walking or running group, and check how far we've come, go to Clubs in Motion

    We have gathered information from FAWCO Clubs about their Heart Pillow Projects to help women who have had breast cancer surgery. If you have Heart Pillow news to share, please send it to us at

    We are currently looking for a Health Issues Team Chair. Please contact  if you are interested in the position.




    The FAWCO Human Rights Team is a comprehensive network of advocates working to ensure human rights for all women. The Team will keep members aware of new developments impacting women’s rights, including UN updates, through Human Rights Team Bulletins and other publications. We also engage FAWCO Members in awareness and action campaigns.
    It is our goal to leverage FAWCO’s unique strength as a global women’s organization to help end violence and discrimination against women and girls. 
    Team Committees include:
    Economic Empowerment for Women
    Ending Violence Against Women
    Political Empowerment for Women
    Women in Peace and Conflict

    Learn more about the issues and download information sheets to share with your club members on the Committee pages.  
    For current information on resources to aid refugees, please visit the FAWCO UN Team's Current Initiatives page.

    All FAWCO members are invited to get involved in their area of interest. If you don’t see yours here, let us know. Please email Therese Hartwell, Chair of the Human Rights Team at  to discuss participation. 

    And sign up to receive the Human Rights Team Bulletin at Subscriptions.

    Therese headshot

    Therese Hartwell, AW Eastern Province
    Chair, Human Rights Team

    Sub Logos Target Program

    In 2009, FAWCO and The FAWCO Foundation announced the Target Program to bring a critical global issue to the attention of FAWCO Clubs, their members and the world. The Target Program offers opportunities for local FAWCO Clubs to make a global difference. 

    Target Programs:

    • Follow a three-year cycle of issue awareness and education, project selection, fundraising, project monitoring, review and evaluation.
    • Demonstrate the power of FAWCO Clubs working together toward a common goal.
    • Increase knowledge and awareness of global issues affecting women.

    In keeping with FAWCO’s Resolutions and Recommendations, Target Programs have the overarching goal of improving the lives of women and girls. The FAWCO Board, in consultation with The FAWCO Foundation Board, chooses Target Issues on a revolving basis through our four areas of interest: Education, Environment, Health and Human Rights.

    The NetWorks Malaria Project (2005-2009) was the FAWCO-wide global issues effort that was a precursor to the Target Program. It encouraged FAWCO members to make a significant commitment to worldwide malaria prevention. FAWCO partnered with the Swiss Foundation BioVision in support of their integrated approach to malaria prevention in pilot projects in Africa. In total, FAWCO distributed $165,885 for the purchase of insecticide treated bed nets and integrated malaria prevention. Additionally, FAWCO applied for and received a $100,000 grant from the Hilton Foundation that was paid directly to our partner Biovision in 2008, for a grand total of $265,885.

    The 2009-2013 Target Program focused on the Environment and the UN MDG on access to clean water. In addition to raising awareness about the importance of clean water in all the countries where we are represented, we asked our member clubs to fundraise specifically for Tabitha Wells for Clean Water, Cambodia. Details about the Target Program for Water are available here.

    The 2013-2016 Target Program focused on Human Rights for Women with a primary focus on Protecting the Rights and Improving the Lives of Women and Girls Worldwide. The Education and Awareness portion emphasized women’s rights as human rights, specifically in the areas of political empowerment, economic empowerment, peace and security, and ending all forms of violence against women. FAWCO Member Clubs chose FREE THE GIRLS: Providing Economic Opportunity to Survivors of Human Trafficking as the Target Project, raising over $172,000 by the end of the program.

    At the Interim Meeting in Frankfurt (March 11-13, 2016), Education – Empowering Women and Girls through Knowledge and Skills, was announced as the overarching theme for the FAWCO Target Program 2016 - 2019.  The Education and Awareness Raising Campaign explored the issues which prevent millions of women and girls from receiving quality education around the globe.  Member Clubs voted in February 2017 to select the 2017-2019 FAWCO Target Project. On April 1 at the 2017 Biennial Conference in Mumbai India, FAWCO announced Hope Beyond Displacement - Building better futures through education, vocational and leadership training for refugee women and girls in Jordan, as the new Target Project. Hope Beyond Displacement is an initiative of the Collateral Repair Project designed to address the pressing issues identified in close consultation with the women they serve. The FAWCO Foundation  employed the energy and generosity of our members and a Backing Women Fundraising Campaign to raise over $190,000 for Hope Beyond Displacement.

    At the Biennial Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland (March 21-24, 2019), Health: Ensuring Healthy Lives and Promoting Well-Being to Improve the Lives of Women and Girls, was announced as the broadscale theme for the FAWCO Target Program 2019-2022. In March 2020 S.A.F.E. a project of Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania was announced as the Target Project for 2020-2022. Education and awareness-raising campaigns conducted with the assistance of bulletins, presentations at virtual meetings and a monthly blog, explored top health issues and especially the topic of the elimination of female genital mutilation that was central the the Target Project. Incredible resilience and support of members and clubs during the global pandemic resulted in $177,413 raised for S.A.F.E. The new Target Program Environment was announced with the theme: "Our Natural Environment: Empowering Women and Girls to Ensure a Sustainable Future" on March 5, 2022 at the virtual Interim Meeting Part 1: Focus on the Future.

    As a United Nations accredited NGO (non-governmental organization) with special consultative status to the UN Economic and Social Council, FAWCO places a high priority on giving our Member Clubs the opportunity to contribute together to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

    Together, through the Target Program, we are making a significant impact on global issues and supporting the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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