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The US Tax & Banking Committee gathers information on US tax and banking legislation and regulations, and informs the membership of their US tax responsibilities while living overseas. It collects information from the FAWCO membership on specific tax and banking related problems to bring these to the attention of legislators in Washington.

What will I find here?

The Tax & Banking Committee develops lists of resources and advisors, and publishes periodic newsletters, presentations and videos, and updates and links to media articles and other resources for Overseas Americans and “US tax persons.” You can find more information on each category by clicking on the title below.

  • Tax: Cross-border tax issues, information & IRS links
  • FATCA information

We encourage Overseas Americans to plan their international financial lives and maintain compliant status with US regulations.

Remember, overseas residents have until June 15 each year to file their US taxes. 

How can I get more information about tax and banking issues?

Even as a FAWCO Member, you must subscribe to receive the US Liaison Bulletins, which include information about US citizenship, voting from overseas and tax and banking information.

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Banking & Financial Services

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Living outside the United States creates particular challenges to personal financial management. Banking services in countries of residence can vary widely, U.S. and foreign government regulations and the banking industry’s reaction to them can make fluid transitions of funds, opening of new accounts, changes in providers, and even access to new banking cards confusing and difficult. Many of us are happy to take advantage of the benefits of internet-based, online banking services; while others are suspicious of the security and identity theft issues that increasingly appear in the press.

We all need access to secure and reliable banking and investing services wherever we live around the world. FAWCO advocates for this in Washington and abroad. We'll be providing links for FAWCO tips, explanations and suggestions, expert presentations, and other helpful information.

Click on a category below under any of the main subjects to learn more.

If you have updates regarding banks that serve U.S. tax persons abroad or difficulties you have faced with banking or other financial services overseas that you would like to share please email us at .


Banking Overseas

Bank Accounts in the U.S.

Bank Accounts in Country of Residence



Financial Planning Resources

Current Issues

Basic Information & Strategy

Mutual Funds



Retirement Issues & Links

Foreign Retirement Accounts & IGAs


Other Topics

Social Security


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Legal & Estate Planning

family photoThose of us who live overseas have plenty of challenges to contend with that become increasingly complex as we move from one country to the next leaving a wake of residences, accounts, and often business and personal investments behind us. While living in non-U.S. countries we are often subject to their inheritance laws that evolve from local attitudes and traditions. Sometimes these conflict with U.S. law in uncomfortable ways.

Whether you are considering marrying a foreign national, facing foreign taxation by your country of residence of an U.S.-based inheritance, or planning for the distribution of your assets after you are gone, you will find helpful material here from various country jurisdictions, diverse experts & other FAWCO members.

Click the category title below to learn more about each topic, and find articles related to tax below.

If you have stories or information regarding legal and estate planning issues facing U.S. person living abroad that you would like to share, or you have questions or problems, we will try to help. Please send them to .


Basic Inheritance Law

Medical Directives & Living Wills

Country Specific Info & Presentations


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tax termsMost Americans and green card holders must file forms and in some cases pay taxes with the U.S. Government every year. You may have to file even though you have no earned income, already pay taxes in your country of residence, are below the foreign income exclusion and/or give or receive money in the form of a gift or inheritance. It can get complicated but we're here to help!

Click the category title below to learn more about each topic, and find articles related to tax below.

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Tax Basics

Income Tax

Compliance Issues

Tax Planning

PFIC Regulations

IRS Links

Filing Options

Tax Forms

DC Advocacy


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