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    U.S. Liaison

    Lucy Laederich
    (AAWE Paris)

    The FAWCO U.S. Liaison helps to coordinate FAWCO’s work with other overseas advocacy organizations and represents FAWCO’s positions in Washington during Overseas Americans Week, for example, or when legislation is drafted or introduced that directly affects Americans living and working overseas.



    Echoing a position that FAWCO and its partner organizations have supported for several years, reflected in FAWCO’s Resolutions and Recommendations (Resolution 1.6, adopted Marrakech, March 2011 ), the Washington Post recently supported legislation introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee*.  FAWCO’s position has been that unless the United States honors its Vienna Convention obligation to ensure...

    Increasing numbers of overseas Americans are encountering problems with U.S. banks unwilling to open or maintain an account for them simply because they have a foreign address.  Such accounts are needed to pay U.S. taxes, receive Social Security payments, make payments or have credit cards in the U.S., etc.

    FAWCO's partner organization ACA has drawn up recommendations for U.S. citizens...

    In one memorable week, two Members of the House of Representatives joined the Americans Abroad Caucus in response to requests from one (yes, one) of their constituents.  In each case, the Congressmen were simply contacted by an overseas voter in their district and both agreed to join, adding their names to the list of legislators who, by joining the Caucus,

    The Americans Abroad Caucus is the first group officially created on Capitol Hill to provide for dialogue between Congress and the overseas American community. 

    The Caucus grew rapidly at the beginning but has stagnated since. Since it was created, several of its members joined simply because a single constituent asked his/her Representative to do so.  

    You can help grow the...

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