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    A Mother (and Daughter) Of Whom To Be Proud

    A Mother (and Daughter) Of Whom To Be Proud - Contributed by Tricia Restivo Saur

    Published in TH E  VO T E R The Newsletter of the League of Women Voters of the Hamptons Founded in 1977 Volume XXXV, No. 7


    LWV_-_FAWCO_in_the_newsThe following is adapted from an article by Tricia Saur…a daughter of Ursula Lynch, that appeared in a recent Bulletin of the American International Women's Club of Cologne (AIWCC—(www.aiwccologne.org)) a member club of FAWCO and Tricia is the liaison between the AIWCC and FAWCO. Editor’s note: We’re delighted to see one impressive women’s group spotlight another! Here, we reciprocate.

    “I am so proud of my mother, Ursula M. Lynch, who has been involved with the League of Women Voters for nearly 10 years. The League promotes voter registration, encourages people to go to the polls on election day and so much more. Born in Germany, Ursula took a teaching job in the US in 1966 and is now a naturalized American citizen,” Tricia begins.

    In 2003, she joined LWV after attending a panel hosted by the Hamptons chapter of the League.Two years later she became an Elected Director and in 2012 was elected a Vice President. Having served on several committees, she has been inspired by the League’s commitment to promote voter participation and fairness in politics.  For example, she has been involved with the Education Committee, helping select the winners of an annual Leadership Award (Betty Desch Award) for high school seniors, as well as Students Inside Albany, and “Running and Winning.” Active involvement in these programs left Ursula impressed with the caliber of the young people involved.

    “Working with the Voter Service Committee, she has attended naturalization ceremonies at the local Federal Court House. The League is there to provide between 150 - 170 new American citizens the opportunity to exercise their new right, by offering voter registration services. And with her fellow committee members she set up voter registration tables at local supermarkets, libraries, farmers’ markets and post offices - to encourage citizens to register and go to the polls to vote for the upcoming Presidential election.”

    FAWCO promotes voter participation in U.S. elections on its website and includes a link with tools and information registration and absentee ballots for U.S. citizens living abroad. LWVH salutes this organization and its local partners (such as Tricia’s group) for helping to “get out the vote,” even from far away!

    Above Photo: Vice President Ursula Lynch at the LWVH 2012 Garden Party

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