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UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education

FAWCO supports UN Sustainable Development Goal #4   [http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/education/]

UN Reps Team and Education

FAWCO’s UN Reps collaborate with the Education Task Force on education initiatives and connections with UNESCO. The Task Force works together with an international school in Cologne and a rural school in Kenya on an education exchange project promoting education for global citizenship. Other Task Force issues include literacy, equal access to quality education, and continuing education after secondary school.


In 2016, FAWCO applied for a partnership with the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). [ http://en.unesco.org/]

Considering volunteering?

If you would like to get involved, join FAWCO's Global Issues Task Force on Education. [Global Issues > Education]

Target Program: Education

Through FAWCO's Target Program: Education (2016 – 2019) [https://www.fawco.org/global-issues/target-program/target-program-education], we explore the issues preventing millions of women and girls from receiving quality education around the world, and learn what world leaders in education are doing to remedy this injustice. We look at the impact educating women and girls has on their lives, their families, their communities and society.

"Education is not simply a moral imperative—it is the smart choice. Every dollar invested generates US$ 10 to US$ 15 in returns. Yet worldwide, some 61 million children are still not in school. Our shared ideals are simple. We want all children to attend primary school and to progress to secondary school and relevant higher education. We want them to acquire the literacy, numeracy and critical-thinking skills that will help them to succeed in life and live as engaged and productive global citizens.” - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon


“The Global Education First Initiative”

Excerpts from the UN report are below, or read the full report: "The Global Education First Initiative" (2012):

It is time for the international community to face the fact that we have a crisis in education. We must be clear that if children are forced out of school, their governments and communities are also failing.

As we approach 2015, we must have unwavering support for achieving and exceeding the global education goals we have set for ourselves. It will take relentless and uncompromising focus on the most

marginalized children and countries lagging furthest behind to finish the job. But we cannot stop until

every child, youth and adult has the opportunity to go to school, learn and contribute to society.

When we put Education First, we see an end to wasted potential -- we unleash the human spirit.

Meeting the urgent needs of our children and communities will take more than good intentions. To fulfill the promise of the Initiative, the United Nations Secretary-General will lend his convening power, supported by his Special Envoy for Global Education and all the education-related UN agencies, to leverage the expertise and experience of existing stakeholders, as well as find innovative ways to engage new networks. Everyone has a critical role to play. When we act with unity of purpose and rise above self interest, miracles will happen.

Non-governmental organizations and community organizations must play an important role as advocates for education, including mounting media campaigns, mobilizing networks and members and engaging governments, donors and multilaterals.

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