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Betsy Cook Speer's New Book

Demolition QueenBetsy will donate a percentage of her royalty to the FAWCO Human Rights for Women Target Project from each Demolition Queen ebook or paperback purchased by FAWCO members, friends and family through Amazon. All you have to do is send Betsy a copy of your Amazon receipt.

Demolition Queen is Betsy's debut novel. She is in her second year as President of American Women of Surrey. She's lived in the UK for 17 1/2 years with husband and three sons (24, 21 and 17). She grew up in Charlotte, NC, went to Denison University and has a B.S. in Chemistry. Betsy loves knocking down walls, doing plumbing and creating art! 


Book Description
Knocking down walls, fencing like a pro, and guzzling champagne is all in a day’s work on Sam Albany’s demolition-action TV show.

So, life for this American in England is pretty darn great. That is until the ‘love-of-her-life’ fatally crashes into a Swiss mountainside and she marries Conrad who loves three things: a glittering aristocratic lifestyle, his successful anti-fraud company, and jealously controlling his new wife, Sam. 

That’s not the worst of it. Someone has hijacked the life-saving bio-technology her brilliant Mom developed. When people start dying, Sam sets off on the most bizarre and perilous scavenger hunt of her life. She kidnaps, demolishes, and shoots her way through Europe, determined to save the day. That’s if she manages to stay alive… 

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