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    Bunco at AWC Hamburg

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    BUNCO! By Karen Malinowski AWC Hamburg

    I did it. I went to my first real AWC event. Being all new in the club, I thought that joining a fun activity, such as a game-night of Bunco would be a good start to loosen up and get in touch with other members. Boy, would I prove to be right.

    For the second time already, the AWC set up a fundraiser for the FAWCO Target project. Ulrike Henn delivered an informative speech along with a pictured presentation about the ITWDP (Integrated Tribal Watershed Development Project) in India. The money will support an area in India to help make the soil fertile and help grow trees, crops and fruits to provide the community with food and allow the people to be more independent.

    The main evening started out with a large buffet to which the participants, 26 to be exact, contributed delicious snacks and goodies.

    The group, which included husbands, partners and children was well mixed and divided into two playing groups.

    Bunco, so we participants were told, isso easy, that we only needed to be able to count to 10 and be physically able to roll three dice. The instructions sounded anything but easy, but with at least one Bunco-educated player at each of the six tables it turned out to be a piece of cake for everyone. 

    Those who might want to say Bunco is a silly dice game that is all about luck and screams and giggles have not really played the war-mode, as it turned into that evening for some of us. It can turn into a very competitive and most thrilling game. But luckily, even the losers turned into winners at the end and prizes were handed out for most wins, least wins, most Buncos, and whoever had the stuffed dog in their hand first and last. So losing was just as much fun and even turned into the aim of some contestants during the evening.

    To everyone who is curious now about the stuffed dog, come join next time to find out how loud you can get and how lucky your hand is in rolling three of a kind.

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