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US Tax and Finance presentation at NAC

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The North American Connection invited our sponsor, US Tax and Financial Services to speak to their club members last June. 
It was a VERY long session (2.5 hours!!) since everyone asked questions. I would suggest that if another club takes advantage of having US Tax speak to their group,  the organizer must be very strict about holding all questions until the end (Helena was far too polite to insist). Otherwise, it will take too long to actually get through the presentation and many of the questions are already answered in the presentation - if everyone is patient and paying attention. Those that aren't answered can more easily be discussed individually after the presentation. In fact, I had sent the US Tax Powerpoint presentation to our entire membership before we even booked Helena - I would actually insist that those attending a US Tax presentation take the time to look through the presentation and educate themselves so that they will ask new questions. 
Overall, those who attended though it was very worthwhile to have Helena speak to the group. 
Amy Patrick
North American Connection
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