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    AWC Düsseldorf Supports FAWCO Target Program

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    Submitted by Dr. Susanne Hirschberg, AWC Düsseldorf, FAWCO Rep 2010


    The American Women’s Club of Düsseldorf (AWCD) in support of the FAWCO Target Program has donated 4000 euro to the Integrated Tribal And Watershed Development Programme (ITWDP). German tax laws prevent the AWCD from donating directly to the chosen Target Program since the FAWCO Foundation is not registered as a charity in Germany. However, we are trying to use the power of FAWCO on a smaller level. The ITWDP is supported by another FAWCO club, the American Women’s Club of Hamburg. This program supports the Target goal of providing access to clean water.


    The ITWDP is based in villages in rural India about 200 miles east of Mumbai when the land is dry and arid. Its primary objective of ITWDP is to create a participatory Watershed Development Movement, which allows for sustainable livelihood, as well asopportunities to eradicate poverty in tribal areas.


    The land in this area has been devastated to deforestation and poor management of the meager water supply. The project builds sophisticated systems of trenches, dam and other structures followed by a specific planting program to prevent erosion and increase ground water retention. In one to two years, the brown, arid soil blooms green and crops can be grown to provide income.


    ITWDP not only awakens the creative potential of villagers, called Tribals, it also provides technical, social, financial and managerial input through training, exposure and learning-by-doing support. It believes in building up the capacities of these Tribals, in order for them to become self-sufficient and to realize their own potential. The program involves both women and men in the decision-making, planning and implementation process.



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