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AWC Hamburg: Clubs in Motion

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Every Monday morning at 9:30 you can find us in the Niendorf Gehege. There are four of us out there doing our laps in the park: Shawn Klug, Susan Stanley Witt, Sherrye Starcke (past member of AWCH) and Tracy Moede. What began as a twosome became a foursome and we couldn't be happier because not only are we walking for our health, we are talking for our sanity. We talk about our kids, families, shopping, books, movies, things and that make us happy. We are each other's moral support when life throws us curveballs and we are also our own cheering squad. On average we walk 5 km in an hour and have been known to do more on beautiful, sunny days an much less on rainy, miserable days. Our motto is Don't just talk, Walk!


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