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    January 2009: AWA Dubai:Dianne Reed runs Marathon!

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    When Dianne Reed hears these words tomorrow, it won’t be to run away from terrorists as she did in 2004.

    This time, Dianne is running in the Dubai Marathon, 26 grueling miles for which she has been in training for months.


    For those of you who may not remember, Dianne was one of two survivors of a terrorist attack at Al Khobar, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, in 2004. She confronted her terrorist as he stood over her wielding the AK47 he had just used to blow away her leg. She has had eight reconstructive surgeries since then, and remains positive and forgiving.

    The Dubai Marathon is tomorrow, Friday, January 22nd .

    Please send Dianne a note of support and encouragement— I am sure she will hold each one dear as she runs tomorrow. Please remember the time difference and do this early, so she knows we are thinking of her as she starts this momentous run.

    Dianne lives in Abu Dhabi, about an hour from Dubai, and has recently joined FAUSA because there is no AWC in Abu Dhabi. She’ll be in Boston in March for our convention.

    Run, Dianne, run!

    Submitted by:

    Charlotte De Witt

    Member of AWA Dubai


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