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    Summer 2009: "Couples" Program Success for Members of AIWA Rabat, Morocco

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    Member of Federation of Women’s Clubs Overseas with special consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council

    The American International Women's Assoc. of Rabat Morocco began this year a "Couples Club". We thought it necessary for the husbands to meet all the women that their wives spend so much time with. This has been a big success with turnouts that sometimes are larger than our general meetings. We chose a co-ordinator and she planned trips to the largest winery caves in Morocco where they toured the facilities and enjoyed a lunch with free wine and champagne. Other trips were to the Exotic Gardens, an acient museum and a walk on the beach followed by lunch. The last excursion was to take a boat trip up our Bouregreg river accompanied by an engineer who explained the developement of marinas, tourist areas, hotels and high rise apartments that are now under construction a along the river bank in down town Rabat. Now that so many men have joined in our activity we are also including them in our "Farewell Award Banquet" where we give out certificates and gifts to those women in the club who are more than deserving of recognition for their work during the year. We hope that the husbands will get a better understanding about what AIWA is all about by attending this evening event and understand the importance of their wives contribution of their time.

    submitted by Pat Rachidi, President, AIWA, Rabat Morocco



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