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    October 2009: BWN Successful Tree Project launched

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    The BWN Tree Project launch!


    The FAWCO Committee wishes to thank the BWN members for their heart felt

    support at the October Coffee Morning. Fifty-eight (58) trees were



    This is an outstanding launch of BWN's support of The FAWCO Millennium

    Forest Project in remote areas of Morocco. Our project is in conjunction

    with the members of AIWC (American International Women's Club) of

    Casablanca, one of the 78 clubs (including BWN) in 35 countries in the

    FAWCO worldwide network.


    Each 5 Euro tree purchase for yourself, family members and friends comes

    with a certificate and explanation and makes a perfect Holiday and Birthday

    gift. Why not honor your favorite student with a Tree in his/her name!


    Reserve your tree(s) by writing to one of the committee members listed

    below and your BWN Tree Project certificate will be delivered to you at

    coffee mornings.


    Thank you for helping BWN make a difference!


    FAWCO Committee

    Arline Coward

    Caroline Derksen

    Francesca Facchini

    Lyn Shepherd

    Doreen Soler .


    Explanation of the Project: The Project’s goal has always been to provide

    income for women in remote regions in Morocco while the men are off looking

    for work in more populated areas. The members of the Casablanca Club

    explain the project this way: “Families in these remote areas have

    limited work resources, and as a result the men have to seek work elsewhere

    in order to provide for their families, thus leaving women and children

    behind to make a living through small-scale farming, bee-keeping, and

    poultry-raising. Trees provide additional steady income to residents, as

    well as food for their consumption. Tree planting retards soil erosion from

    animal grazing and the decline in biodiversity. For example, a single olive

    tree matures in 5 or 6 years and produces 40 kilos of olives, an amount

    that will greatly increase a family’s income so that children are free to

    attend school.”






    Eileen Kershenbaum

    President, BWN



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