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    August 14 - AWC Bern Park Opening Ceremony

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    from: Angie Aebersold, FAWCO Rep, AWC Bern

    After two years work, the trees are planted, the park is almost done and a big opening party is being planned! If anyone from FAWCO would be interested in attending the Opening Party is August 14-15, 2009, let me know.

    There was an area where they started to build new apartment blocks and the plan was for the town to also build a new park. We (AWC Bern) had gone to the Gemeinde to see what sort of projects for trees there might be around and we were told about this park that was going to be built and they were thinking about trying getting sponsors for the trees. Of course we said right then we were very interested and would like to sponsor a tree. So to speak we were in the deal from the ground up and are the first sponsor that they had for their new project. To sponsor a tree it cost CHF 1000.-. To earn the money for the tree project I sold the FAWCO tree certificates for 2 years , half of the money went to FAWCO tree projects (Scotland, Ohio and Morocco) and the other half went to the tree sponsorship in Liebefeld/Köniz.

    So now on Friday August 14, 18:00 is the official opening and dedication of the park. There will also be music, theaters, dancing ect., open air kino. On the 15th is a lot of the same going on and also different stands for food, of course, on both days. Let me know if anyone would like to attend.

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