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Sharing Cultures

The Sharing Cultures Committee supports FAWCO Member Clubs in their efforts to promote mutual understanding and awareness of customs, cultural differences, and local environments in order to bridge gaps between nations and different populations. The committee welcomes FAWCO Member Club programs or activities that help Club members, their families, and/or the local community learn from one another.
Committee Chair position open.  
If you are interested in working on this committee, or have questions, comments or information to share, please email .



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Eleven Questions

Tricia Saur

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Conference Reports:


Living in London, one gets accustomed to international stages.  Just in the recent two years millions of eyes
fell in love with Will and Kate and then cheered at the Queen’s Jubilee.  However, with the Olympics and the Paralympics, the focus now moved to individuals, every day British, Americans and others, taking the center stage. As the torch traveled through the...


This particular article is for you, the reader – because you and I are “people”, a fantastic kaleidoscope!

Let’s close our eyes for a moment and pretend that we are looking out of an imaginary window into the world, what do we see: people of all races, dressed in a variety of styles and colors, they all seem focused...

Living around the world, sometimes FAWCO members have the opportunity to take part in or attend an event seeped in tradition.  One of our members share her story about a traditional ‘bride’s wedding’ in the United Emirates.  Read this fascinating story.

My Mom, two other friends and I were lucky enough to have been invited to an Emirati wedding recently...

Wonderful foods are eaten around the world.  Living in new countries gives us the opportunity to try new cuisines.  We can eat at local restaurants that serve traditional dishes and sometimes we have the good fortune to meet people who are willing to share recipes of unique, tasty foods.  One of our members took the time to share two of...

Residence Exchange

People exchange ideas, recipes, young women sometimes exchange clothes but have you ever thought about exchanging your place of residence?

Expats know what it is like to live away from their home country and most know that cultures differs between countries and Expats also know that visiting a place is not the same as living there.  For those...

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