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Ending Violence Against Women

Ending Violence Against Women is a Committee of the Human Rights Team, addressing issues of domestic violence and sex trafficking, as well as other forms of violence against women. The Ending Violence Team was created in April 2008 to address issues of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual exploitation in order to increase awareness and empower those women and children affected. Over the years, the Team has put a spotlight on the issues to get people talking about them. We also promote tangible actions that we can all take to help eradicate these forms of violence. When you look at the facts you see that we still have a long way to go.

1 in 3 women has been sexually assaulted in her lifetime;

Rape continues to be used as a weapon during war and conflict;

Globalization and climate change are having the most profound impacts on women and children who are disproportionately displaced and left without options;

Gender-based violence is an affliction that millions of women and children suffer in silence and shame. Many become victimized by those who are supposed to love and protect them. 

Please share these three one-page information sheets on issues of Domestic Violence, how you can help victims of Domestic Violence, and global issues of Violence Against Women with your club members. 

For a worldwide listing of domestic violence agencies, see the Hot Peaches website

You'll find a link to the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center (AODVC) website on our homepage under Domestic Violence. 

For more information or to get involved, contact the Committee Co-Chairs.

Co-Chair, Global Issues, Tonya Teichert at 

Tonya Teichert (AWC The Taunus)

Co-Chair, Global Issues

Co-Chair, Domestic Violence and AODVC Liaison, Karen Lewis at aodvc@fawco.org.

Karen Lewis (FAUSA)

Co-Chair, Domestic Violence and AODVC Liaison

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