FAWCO's Environment Team aims to inform members about global environmental issues that confront our planet, such as air, soil & water pollution, energy efficiency, conservation and waste reduction, and the major issues of global climate change. Since we believe that each person can make a difference, one of our main goals is to help members become more environmentally minded through the choices they make in their daily lives. The Team also seeks to promote informed action within FAWCO, at both global and local levels. Major past activities have supported carbon sequestration through tree planting and water awareness in conjunction with the First Target Program.

For more information and to get involved with us, contact the Environment Team Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Anne van Oorschot-Warwick

(AWC The Hague)


FAWCO's Environment Team is a dynamic and committed group of twleve women from eight different clubs and FAUSA who work together to publish frequent informative Bulletins. The Team’s aim is to inform members about the environmental issues that confront our planet, such as the major causes of global climate change, energy efficiency, conservation and...

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Anne van Oorschot-Warwick                               Kara Fairchild     
AWC The Hague                                                AWC Gothenburg                                            

FAWCO Environment Bulletin
November 2011

Greening Your Thanksgiving
by Mary Kent and Kara Fairchild  


Kara Fairchild

Anne van Oorschot-Warwick                  Kara Fairchild     
AWC The Hague                                  AWC Gothenburg                                                                          

FAWCO Environment Bulletin
September  2011
Women in the World: Going Green
our field report from the Region 2 Conference
by Kara Fairchild, Environmental Co-chair 

Region 2 field report_Environ bulletin


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