Awareness Ideas for Target Water Project - make your club aware! Downloadable PDF




    #1 - Tie a little blue ribbon …

    Try telling a story like this at your next club meeting and pass out a little blue ribbon to all those in attendance:

    A couple weeks ago, I walked into...


    Would You Drink This Water? downloadable PDF

    Would you drink this water?

    Access to water is a basic human need and a fundamental human right. Yet over a billion people in the world still live without safe, clean water to drink. The diseases that result from drinking dirty water kill 5000 children every single day!!

    While the statistics alone are shocking,

    $80,000 Goal Reached! Right on "target" for the New Year! Just one year into our two-year fundraising drive, the Target Water Project's goal of $80,000 was met, but let's not stop the fundraising!  Donations are still coming in and Cambodia still needs accessible clean water. You may recall, the goal for the Malaria Project was $75,000, yet FAWCO raised over...


    Yolanda Henry (FAUSA) was in Cambodia and had an opportunity to go visit FAWCO field wells in two villages in S’ang District, Kandal Province about 50 km south of Phnom Penh. She said "It is marvelous to see how water helps families like these prosper and support themselves.  With a rapid growing season it is possible for families to start...

    FAWCO sponsors ‘Women & the Right to Water’ Panel at the UN

    By Sara von Moos                                                                                                                                                                 

    FAWCO UN NGO Representative

    As the world prepares to mark a unique moment in history and welcome its 7th billion inhabitant, FAWCO has achieved a milestone of its own. On Sept 26, 2011, FAWCO had the privilege of sponsoring its first high level...

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