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    "Wells for Clean Water" Update from Tabitha - June 2011

    B164Thanks to FAWCO clubs and members, $34,986 has been donated so far to the Target Water Project: Tabitha's Wells for Clean Water in Cambodia. In the past month alone, Tabitha has been able to dig an additional  58 Family wells and 125 Field wells. This brings FAWCO's total number of wells donated to 258 with the breakdown of 98 Family Wells - these wells provide water for household use and kitchen gardens; they are shared by 3 families. ($100 - $150) - and 160 Field Wells  - deeper and wider than a family well, field wells provide clean water for both household use and irrigation.  A field well allows families to grow crops year round on 4 hectares, (10 acres) providing them with a steady income.  A field well is shared by 2 families. ($250). Do your own "Well Deserved Deserts" fundraiser. View more pictures of FAWCO funded wells.


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