Update on the Awesome Blossoms School Program

    Curriculum/Subjects Covered

    • Agricultural Science: Basics of farming, plant biology and sustainable practices.
    • Nutrition Education: Importance of balanced diets, growing nutritious foods and healthy eating habits.
    • Environmental Studies: Impact of farming on the environment, conservation techniques and sustainable resource use.
    • Technology in Agriculture: Use of farming technology, crop mapping, early warning systems for pests and diseases, and optimal resource utilization.


    • Program Launch: The program began in January 2024.
    • Teaching Methods: Combination of classroom instruction, hands-on farming activities, and interactive technology sessions using the FarmIT app.
    • Implementation: Delivered by trained agricultural educators and supported by local agricultural experts.

    Student Involvement

    • Participation: Over 400 students from two schools have been involved in the program so far.
    • Demographics: Students range between class 3–7, with a balanced representation of boys and girls.
    • Knowledge and Skills: Students have gained a practical understanding of sustainable farming practices and the importance of nutrition.
    • Behavioral Changes: Increased interest in agriculture as a viable career option among students.
    • Environmental Awareness: Students are more aware of the environmental impacts of farming and the importance of conservation.
    • Community Engagement: Parents and community members are becoming more involved in school farming activities, creating a supportive learning environment.

    Through the harvest and cooking of vegatables from the Awesome Blossoms Safe Spaces farms at Our Lady of Mercy, the students gained hands-on knowledge. Watch a video of some of the activities.

    Video: Cooking Spinach at Farm 1

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