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    The Three Shortlisted Project Proposals


    Beogo Neere

    A project of the TuaRes Foundation - submitted by Ann Goossens, AILO Florence

    Educating and Empowering Refugee Women and Girls in Jordan

    A project of the Collateral Repair Project - submitted by Therese Hartwell, FAUSA

    Threading the Future

    A project of the Stahili Foundation - submitted by Michelle Oliel, AWC The Hague


     Each FAWCO Member Club has the opportunity to vote for the project they would most want to support. Ballots will be sent to your club's FAWCO Rep on February 1, 2017. She will have until February 15, 2017 to cast your clubs vote. I encourage you to take this opportunity to learn about each project and the organization. 

    15 Non-shortlisted Projects 

    It was wonderful to see such broad participation across FAWCO with applications being submitted by seven of eleven Regions, plus FAUSA. The remaining fifteen projects addressed a wide range of issues related to education for women and girls:
    • from nutrition to sports; 
    • from English as a second language to fundamental life skills; 
    • from primary school opportunities to achieving university degrees;
    • from educating new teachers to educating future leaders;
    • from breaking generational prostitution to ending harmful traditional practices of FMG; 
    • from impacting a handful of individuals to impacting whole communities. 
    The diversity of the projects presented was impressive and each had its own merits. All are doing incredible work. Once the Target Project is selected we look forward to taking some time to revisit each of these projects to share with you the wonderful work they are doing to bring educational opportunities to women and girls around the globe. In the meantime, we recognize each FAWCO and FAUSA member and their project submission:


    Adolescent Nutrition Education Toolkit
    Dottie Wagle of AWC Mumbai
    Breaking the Cycle - Voice
    Mayra Johnson of AWC Mumbai
    Educate, Engage Empower
    Sherrie Zwail Enderman of AWC Amsterdam
    Educate Girls
    Nikita Sheth of AWC Mumbai
    Educate the Leaders
    Erica Higbie of FAUSA
    Educate to Liberate
    Elizabeth Lopez-Rigaudeau of AWC Zürich
    ESL Girls Soacha Colombia
    Inés E. Mayoral of AWC of Bogotá
    Michele Jordan of AILO Florence
    Hoopers Africa Trust
    Melissa Mash of AW Surrey
    Malawi Learn for Life Project
    Sarah Strand of AILO Florence
    Joan Niemi Evers of AWC Amsterdam
    Roberta Zöllner Munich IWC and Melissa Mash of AW Surrey
    Nurturing for Tomorrow
    Ann DeSimoni and Sarah Wallace of IWC Genoa and Vera Weill Halle of AWA Rome
    Teachers For Rural Futures
    Stacy Lara of AWC Bern
    Jane Romain of Munich IWC

    The Target Project Selection Committee

    The committee was comprised of a highly dedicated group of FAWCO members spanning the many interest areas of the organization. I want to take this opportunity to thank each member of the committee for their individual contributions.
    Johanna Dishongh, AWC The Hague | FAWCO 3rd VP
    I am so grateful to Johanna for her steady guidance and perspective. Having led this process three years ago, she laid the groundwork for me to build on and has been nothing but totally encouraging and supportive.
    Sahar Elhallak, AIWA Rabat | Target Fundraising Coordinator
    Sahar is new and learning as she goes. I see tremendous passion in her and I am very much looking forward to what we can accomplish together over the next two years.
    Rena Levin, AWC Oslo | Member-At-Large
    Rena was a dark horse on this committee. She came highly recommended, but I had no idea how much she would contribute to the discussion and with such precision. She was able to cut to the matter and often brought attention to subtle but very relevant details.
    Carol-Lyn McKelvey, AIWC Cologne | Co-Chair Education Task Force
    Carol-Lyn is an educator at the core and an administrator by nature. So she brought very practical and pragmatic perspective to the group. She could easily dissect the key elements of a project and readily contrast it with those of others.
    Tracy Moede, AWC Hamburg | Foundation VP for Programs
    Tracy brought a critical perspective to the committee representing The FAWCO Foundation. As VP for Programs her experience offered the team guidance in examining the applications for feasibility and operational viability.
    Pam Perraud, FAUSA | Education Task Force, UN Team
    As a FAWCO veteran Pam not only contributed her passion for education for women and girls but also  brought program history and perspective to the team.
    The committee was grateful to have the support of Kathy de Best of AWC The Hague, who assisted the committee by providing expert opinion of the organization's financial documents. Thank you Kathy!
    Each member of the committee reviewed each application, spending countless hours reading, evaluating and discussing the merits of each proposal. In the end the committee made hard choices resulting in the shortlist presented to members last week. The decision is now yours!  

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