We’ve Crossed the Finish Line!

Today, we wrapped up the Target Program for Education at the Biennial Conference in Edinburgh. We want to share the highlights of the presentation with all FAWCO Members who were not able to attend the meeting.

Tricia R. Saur, Target Chair and Barbara Bühling, VP of Fundraising addressed the delegates during the second session of the Annual General Meeting. They began the presentation with a pop quiz, testing what the attendees have learned over the past three years. Each delegate earned a green pencil with the words “Hope Beyond Displacement” printed on it.


HBD Pencil


The presentation continued with deep appreciation for the many individuals and Member Clubs who contributed to the success of the program, both in terms of awareness raising and fundraising. And then Barbara announced the spectacular news of our fundraising achievement…




1290 individuals have been served as of the end of 2018 and more will be reached as programming continues through September 2019, including…

  • Renovate CRP Playground - breaking ground now

  • Translation of the SuperGirls curriculum into Arabic

  • Expansion of programs to the new downtown center

    • After School Club

    • Women’s Empowerment 101

    • GBV Prevention and Awareness Training



The session closed with this word from Amanda Lane, Executive Director of CRP...


CRP Thank you

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Thank you from your Target Team!

Tricia R Saur Target Chair 200

Barbara Buehling

         Tricia R Saur                          Barbara Bühling

          Target Chair                           VP Fundraising


Special thank-yous to Becca Meurer, Target Fundraising Coordinator, who unfortunately was not able to attend the meeting, and Marie-Bénédicte Luxem for managing the Backing Women Boutique this weekend.


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