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    A basic education is an essential human right and should be a global, national, and local priority. Education is essential to understand the world and be able to function effectively in it. There is a direct correlation between women's levels of education and socio-economic status and health. Education empowers women to make informed decisions regarding their futures - knowledge is power!

    Education “is a bridge from misery to hope.” - adapted from quote by Kofi Annan.

    Mission Statement & Highlighted Topics

    Our new mission statement is Increasing Awareness of Global Issues in Education. This mission has been divided into four areas of emphasis:

    1. Global Citizenship

    2. Literacy

    3. Equal Access

    4. Access to and Initiatives in Continuing Education after High School

    Educational connections with UNESCO will also be highlighted.

    We aspire to shine a spotlight on issues concerning education around the world in order to bring awareness of these issues to the FAWCO membership.

    Collaboration with the Target Program

    We are excited to be working in collaboration with Tricia Saur {Target Chair} as she ventures into the Target Program of Education and are looking forward to this inspiring educational journey together.

    Join us:

    Our Team is composed of enthusiastic educators and, more importantly, members who are very passionate about education. As a FAWCO member if you are an educator or are very passionate about education, why not join our team?

    Please contact us at . If your topic of interest is not highlighted above, please do not hesitate to email Carol-Lyn McKelvey or Arandeep D. Degun, co-Chairs of the Education Team for further consideration, as well.

    Sign up to receive the Education Team Bulletin at Subscriptions.

    Bild Carol Lyn McKelvey

    Arandeep Degun (L) and Carol-Lyn McKelvey (R), Co-Chairs
    AIWC Cologne

    We are currently putting together the Education Team Team. If you'd like to join the team, please contact .   

    Go here to find UN Resources on Education. To learn more about UN priorities and the work of FAWCO's UN Team, visit our UN Issues pages


    Note: Information and resources that were included under Education on our previous website have been moved to Resources for International Living, under the Resources tab on the website navigation bar.

    You can find links to Americana, College Guidance, Students Who Learn Differently Overseas, and Sharing Cultures here.  

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