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Regional Meetings

FAWCO's Regional Meetings are a great way for your board members and Club Members to get to know FAWCO and network with other clubs in your region. Regional Meetings are open to everyone (also outside the region); please contact the Regional Coordinator for more information. If your club is not a FAWCO Member Club, please contact the 2nd VP of...

FAWCO has 58 Member Clubs in 28 countries in 10 Regions. Each year, many of the Regions host Regional Meetings for their members to meet, network, and get to know more about FAWCO as well as visit different cities in their region. Through Regional Coordinators and the 2nd VP for Member Clubs, FAWCO supports these meetings, and any FAWCO member,


Regional Meetings have been taking place since 1978. Log in to browse the years below to learn more about the Clubs who hosted them and what happened there.

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