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FAWCO is more than just a group of people sharing a common culture, it offers an opportunity through The FAWCO Foundation to change people’s lives through charity work.

Established in 1967 as the philanthropic arm of FAWCO, The FAWCO Foundation is a not-for-profit organization registered in the State of Missouri. It was created exclusively for “charitable, scientific and educational purposes and for the purpose of the prevention of cruelty to children.” The Foundation's mission is to carry out the philanthropic work of the members of FAWCO.

A large portion of the donations to The Foundation come from the FAWCO Member Clubs and their individual members.

Member Clubs are under no obligation to contribute to any of FAWCO’s fundraising activities but all have the opportunity of proposing their favorite charity for a Development Grant awarded by The FAWCO Foundation and of raising more money for their charity as FAWCO promotes club charities to a wider audience. The FAWCO Foundation education awards are a wonderful opportunity for FAWCO members and their children to gain financial assistance to further their education.

Through its extensive communication channels, FAWCO is able to spread the word about all the wonderful work being down by our Member Clubs and sometimes, to help projects grow beyond the local scale. One example was the "challenge" to FAWCO clubs to raise $75,000 for the FAWCO 75th anniversary, to be donated to help fight malaria. Thanks to the enthusiasm of FAWCO members around the world, that original target was more than doubled.


Elaine Senigallia (AWA Rome) FAWCO President from 1981-83, remembered FAWCO with a generous bequest of $95,000 at the time of her death in January, 2008.  As a result of this generous donation, the Board opted to establish a Quasi-Endowment Fund to account for this contribution.

This will preserve the principal of the fund and only income generated from such funds...

As a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), non-governmental organization (NGO), FAWCO funds its operations from Member Club dues, the support and experience of volunteers, modest advertising revenue, and donations. Discover below how you can support FAWCO, its Mission Statement and programs, and allow FAWCO to continue working for women and girls around the world.

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Founder's Circle

The 2003-2005 FAWCO Board and...

Thank you for your donation to FAWCO.  You could either donate by credit card or PayPal by clicking on the link below

Or by Euro bank transfer to UBS with the following information:
IBAN/Account: CH130027627681431340B
Beneficiary (or Account name): The Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas

If you'd like to donate by US $ checks, please contact FAWCO Treasurer at...

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