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FAWCO creates regular publications throughout the year for various purposes to communicate with its Members and Member Clubs.

Inspiring Women

FAWCO’s online magazine, Inspiring Women, profiles the lives of members of FAWCO Clubs throughout the world who have used their skills, talents and passions to make an impact in the global community. Each issue has a theme...

FAWCO is a large organization with members, volunteers and partners all around the world. Founded in 1931, its mission and goals are made clear through its Mission Statement and Resolutions and Recommendations, established in 1998 and 1979 respectively. FAWCO recognizes outstanding service and has numerous ways for you to support their efforts to support its vision.

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FAWCO's Resolutions and Recommendations (R&Rs) are guidelines for FAWCO and Club action over the next two-year period and should be suitable for practical implementation.

The FAWCO Administrative Guidelines specify in article 13.2.3 “Resolutions and Recommendations – meaning what is resolved and how it is to be implemented –should be specific and not merely generalizations." They are normally influenced by current world problems, current concerns of American citizens abroad and current problems faced by women everywhere.

FAWCO asks that Member Clubs publicize the approved Resolutions and Recommendations after each Biennial Conference where the proposed R&Rs are voted upon by the conference delegates.

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