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What's Americana?


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Almost every FAWCO club has a need for a local Americana Program. It is a valuable activity that a club could start for their members' children (including teens and young adults.

Why start an Americana Program?

Because it is Fun!!!

Reinforces a positive American identity by providing a safe environment for children to explore their American identity and allowing children to interact with other American youngsters.

Builds language skills. This program introduces words, ideas, concepts as well as songs, games, literature (poems, stories...) that are not part of their everyday context.

Creates a space for dialog between the American parent(s) and their children as well as family members living in the US.

Teaches about the rights and responsibilities of being a US citizen.

Prepares those children who plan to return to or study in the USA.

Your club also benefits:

May increase or help retain your membership.

Stimulates active participation of members, their children and the American ex-pat community.

Reinforces itself as a club that 'offers' American culture.  


How to start your club's Americana Program?

Pick and choose from the programs already developed and used by AWA Qatar and AWA Dubai.  

You  will find all that you need to introduce Americana in your club without having to reinvent the wheel!


For more information please contact a FAWCO Youth Co-Chairs: My-Linh Kunst or Meg Brew,

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