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People Make The Difference


This particular article is for you, the reader – because you and I are “people”, a fantastic kaleidoscope!

Let’s close our eyes for a moment and pretend that we are looking out of an imaginary window into the world, what do we see: people of all races, dressed in a variety of styles and colors, they all seem focused on going to a pre-determined  place. Who are they, who are we, where do we come from, where are we going? What a myriad of subjects the mankind generates; we create and transmit “history”/”knowledge”, for cultural heritage.

Mankind: men, women, each individual person is a part of the huge mosaic that composes the world. “Feelings” is one for all mankind. What we globally express in the same way is: laughter, sadness, happiness, wishes; we all have emotions. The woman complements the man by setting up a family, and/or achieving objectives at work, and …: “behind a successful man there is a great woman”!

Let’s focus on the “woman’s role” in her own life, has she ambitious goals – yes, no matter what her life is destined for; it can be just as true for men. There are many famous women and men around the world; they all excelled, with their acute intelligence and determination, with accomplishments in the fields of arts and literature and music, politics and governance and also in the field of science and inventions. But there also are lots of ordinary people that strive for their living because of different factors, and it is to those people that our thoughts and actions should be directed to.

Let’s close our imaginary window and face the daily reality: there is the need for keeping the engine of the world running, for the better.

The message that we should address to the young generation is to encourage them to find an equilibrated use of their energy with dedication to studying, learning, communicating, volunteering,  helping those in need, defending the nature in which we, humans, are all part of.   Let’s set examples, let’s keep close to our new generation for they are our “future”. 

Submitted by: Luciana Fava Giles

Sharing Cultures Team

September 14, 2011

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