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FAWCO Target Program 2016-2019
Education - Empowering Women and Girls through Knowledge and Skills
"Education plus character - that is the goal of true education." - Martin Luther King Jr. 

Fall events are in full swing - I’m having a hard time catching my breath!

This month we celebrate the passion of two special FAWCO members and their contributions to the Target Project.

Ann De Simoni, AIWC Genoa FAWCO Rep and Region 8 Coordinator, hosted 55 guests on "Cruise for a Cause" sailing the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas and raising both awareness and funds for our Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement.

Celeste Brown of AWC The Hague and FAWCO Counselor held a Celebration of Life party with her husband directing guests to donate to Hope Beyond Displacement in lieu of gifts.

Thank you, Ann and Celeste!

Looking forward...

The 2019 GEM Report addressing education in relation to migration and displacement will be released on November 20th.  Sign up HERE to receive it in your inbox.

As announced last month, Amanda Lane, Executive Director of CRP, will be in Europe in early November and will be attending the Region 5 Meeting in Heidelberg and visiting several clubs.. If you would like more information about where and when Amanda will be speaking, please be in touch.

Also in this issue:

  • The Backing Women Fundraising Campaign

  • Let’s Get Schooled! - Part 3 of our series on interventions that work in girls’ education

  • News from Hope Beyond Displacement

  • Celebrate FAWCO community’s contribution to the Target Program

  • And find a little something for you…  


Hope you enjoy and learn something new!

Liebe Grüße aus Köln,

Tricia R. Saur
AIWC Cologne
FAWCO Target Program Chair
Backing Women Fundraising Campaign

What fundraisers does your club have planned for these last months of FAWCO Target fundraising for Hope Beyond Displacement?  Need a bit of motivation to get your fundraisers up and running? Look at what impact our funds are having already…

• Provided school supplies, backpacks and uniforms to 507 girls this year.

• Enabled CRP to run two beautician training courses simultaneously to meet the interest of the 120 women on the waiting list for the economic empowerment classes.

• Continued funding for the Super Girls educational support program.  Super Girls learned in September about the importance of family in Arab culture, played board games that originated in the Arab world, and practiced teamwork and conflict resolution.

And that’s just the start.  With the additional funds that we are raising together for Hope Beyond Displacement, we will fund the creation of an After School program, create a dedicated space for women to learn and train, expand the Women’s Economic Empowerment training, and do much more.

By the way, for those of you attending the Region 5 FAWCO Conference in Heidelberg on November 9-10, we will have a special raffle item for Hope Beyond Displacement fundraising:  a beautiful Advent calendar stitched in CRP’s Hope Workshop. Who will be the lucky winner?

We are only $23,000 away from reaching our EXTENDED goal.  Do you think we could perhaps extend it even further? Let’s go, FAWCO clubs!  We can do it. Don’t forget: your funds must be submitted to The FAWCO Foundation by the end of February 2019 to be credited towards Hope Beyond Displacement fundraising.


Sonnige Grüße aus Düsseldorf,

Becca Meurer
AIWC Düsseldorf
TFF Target Fundraising Coordinator
Blog: Let's Get Schooled!
Interventions for Girls' Education - Part 3 
Reducing the Time and Distance to Get to School 

We continue our series addressing interventions that work in girls education as outlined in What Works in Girls' Education: Evidence for the World’s Best Investment. So far we have explored the importance of making schools affordable and the link between health and girls’ education. This month we will look at how reducing the time and distance to get to school improves enrollment and attendance rates. The authors, Gene B. Sperling and Rebecca Winthrop, discuss three approaches for reducing the time and distance to get to school in Chapter 4.

“Removing fees, offering scholarships, or offering school meals provides little help where children have no schools to attend. Common sense suggests that distance matters for any child, but it seems to matter particularly for girls. The farther girls have to walk or travel, the greater their parents’—and their own— concerns for actual safety and for reputation.”- page 138

Pupils Walking On A Tightrope 30 Feet Above A River, Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia


Keep reading…

Hope Beyond Displacement
News From Collateral Repair Project

As Becca mentioned above, our new fundraising goal is helping to support a new space for women. Read the CRP’s blog post Introducing our New Women’s Space to learn more.


We’aam volunteers with SuperGirls. Read her story How We’aam Smuggled Herself out of Syria


FAWCO funding will support the After School Club at CRP’s new downtown center, which is opening this week! Read Huda & Waseem: Faces of CRP’s New Center to learn more about the new center. 

FAWCO United Behind One Issue...Education
Celebrating your contribution to the Target Program!
Cruise for a Cause hosted by AIWC Genoa • Raises €3,500 


AIWC of Genoa would like to thank all of the passengers who sailed with Ann and Kristin. Some fun facts about this group are that there were 55 people born in 15 different countries, 12 clubs were represented plus FAUSA, 4 mother-daughter teams, 7 people were born in the state of New York, 1 couple shares the same birth date, 2 birthdays and 2 wedding anniversaries were celebrated with cake and presents along with a delightful orchestra and singing presentation in which the entire group could join.

The “Welcome Cocktail” was a surefire way to create awareness and excitement for the FAWCO Target Project. This venue was the first step towards the success of our fundraising efforts. Canapés along with unlimited cocktails and prosecco did their fair share in creating a fun-filled atmosphere for our first group gathering.

Our mid-sized ship allowed us to connect, enjoy and yet just be ourselves. Organized excursions by the ship behind the scenes and offshore were enjoyed by many. Others of our more adventurous guests headed out to explore on their own with public transportation, taxi tours and just walking the streets or climbing through the ruins and over the walls of the beautiful city of Dubrovnik.

The last afternoon at sea gave us the time to play Bingo and Trivia as we all ate and drank more bubbly which added to the fun-raising and just plain happy laughing among new friends. I was kindly informed by the guests that they found the food and entertainment very enjoyable and there have been requests for yet another cruise! What greater satisfaction could I possibly ask for?

These new donation funds will help renovate the CRP playground, more women will be able to complete their studies for the beauty self-employment skills, ICDL driving license computer skills and classes on Gender Based-Violence Awareness and Prevention.

In closing I would like to thank Kristin Melia for her talent and time dedicated to our cruise, Georgia Regnault who assisted me with the accounting, Nan de Laubadère and Emily van Eerten for helping with the Facebook PR, and ALL of our very generous sponsors. A very special thank you to my club and OSIRIS Travel who sponsored the 5th Fun-raising cruise for the passion we all share for The FAWCO Foundation and its projects.

Ann De Simoni
FAWCO Rep AIWC of Genoa, RC Region 8 

Celebration of Life

In early 2018, my husband and I realized we were approaching a confluence of several significant life events - his retirement, my 65th birthday, and our 20th year of marriage. So what do you do when you see special events coming into alignment? Well, you plan a party, that’s what! On September 15, we hosted over 100 friends and family members for our spectacular “Celebration of Life”. Words can’t express what a special evening it was for us.

While planning our party, my husband and I considered several possibilities as our “suggested gift”. At our stage of life, we don’t “need” anything. We want to enjoy life with our friends and family while making an impact in the world where we can, so we easily came to a mutual decision. We asked our guests for donations to FAWCO’s Target Project "Hope Beyond Displacement" for refugees in Amman, Jordan. Why? In April of this year, I was honored to be part of FAWCO’s site visit to observe Hope Beyond Displacement which was created and is run by the Collateral Repair Project in Amman.  Our FAWCO group was thoroughly impressed by the well thought-out philosophy, vision, and quality programming while being deeply affected by the positive, life-affirming impact on the lives of the refugees they serve.

Our gift suggestion to our "Celebration of Life” guests was warmly received and they responded with open hearts. My husband and I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family which has, in turn, extended the meaning of our celebration. If you have something special to celebrate in the coming months, why not consider asking for donations to FAWCO’s Target Project?  I hope you’ll be as happy with the decision as we have been.

Celeste Brown
AWC The Hague, FAWCO Counselor

Something For You...
I Am Resilient 
Rising Appalachia • Resilient

Like this? Watch how an art teacher used this song with her students!

We're In It Together!

I found this statement so grounding in the wake of the past weeks' events. It rings so true on many levels - from the boardroom to purchases of services like car repairs! From high level politics to sports. And in education, patriarchal values are a key barrier to girls enrolled in school in many developing countries. But we are not alone in bringing change to institutions; we have our husbands, brothers and sons - engage them in the process. We need them to walk with us.
Here is one world leader showing us how that looks in practice…

Supporting These Businesses = Support for Hope Beyond Displacement
These FAUSA member advertisers have banded together to pledge 5% of their profits from their services and sales to go to the FAWCO Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement from any completed transactions with FAWCO/FAUSA members or their friends and family.

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Mention the Target Program when you place your order or when you make contact to secure the 5% donation to the Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement.
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