Target 3.0 - Issue 19 - December 2017
FAWCO Target Program 2016-2019
Education -  Empowering Women and Girls through Knowledge and Skills
"For everyone of us that succeeds, it's because there's somebody there to show you the way out. The light doesn't always necessarily have to be in your family; for me it was teachers and school.
Oprah Winfrey

FAWCO Target Program Education
Looking back on 2017, we have much to celebrate at the Target Program. The year began with the announcement of three worthy shortlisted projects for FAWCO Member Clubs to choose from. On April 1st, with resounding approval, Hope Beyond Displacement was announced as the Target Project for Education at the Biennial Conference in Mumbai, India and The FAWCO Foundation relaunched the Backing Women Fundraising Campaign!

In September, CRP began implementing programs supported by the FAWCO Target Project. All of the key programs are now underway:

359 Girls are Enrolled in School
30 Girls are Participating in the SuperGirl Afterschool Program
30 Women are Earning the International Computer Driving License
15 Women are Learning Beautician and Entrepreneurial Skills
20 Women are Attending Women's Empowerment 101 Classes
20 Men and Youth are Attending GBV Awareness and Prevention Training

Over the course of the next year, these participants will complete their courses with new skills and a sense of empowerment, new groups will begin, and programs will expand, offering new leadership opportunities to participants.

We would like to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support as we kicked off the second phase of the Target Program for Education this year and we look forward to doing great things together in 2018!  Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season  and all good things in the New Year.

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  • News from the Backing Women Fundraising Campaign
  • The latest news from CRP in our blog, Let's Get Schooled - Amanda Lane introduces us to two women earning their International Computer Driving License
  • Sneak Peek at the Advocacy Project Quilt
  • Celebrate your sister clubs' fundraising successes
  • And find a little something for you...
Hope you enjoy and learn something new!

Liebe Grüße aus Köln,

Tricia R. Saur, AIWC Cologne
Target Program Chair
I would be delighted to attend your Regional Meeting or visit your club to speak with your members about global education for women and girls and our Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement. Please contact me at .  

In the meantime, you can share the A Call To Action  with your members.

Backing Women Fundraising Campaign
Backing Women Logo

The weeks are flying by - it is hard to believe that 2017 is quickly coming to a close. It has been a very busy fall for all of us and that is certainly reflected in our book-stack, which  has been steadily climbing! There are several donations in transit, and with those, we are coming up quickly on the $50,000 mark and beyond!! In addition, we have approximately $7,000 in matching grant funds coming in, which will make our book-stack grow even more! Many thanks to all those who have been generously donating their time and energy to support Hope Beyond Displacement!

Backing Women Product Bundle

There are still matching grants funds available and we encourage all clubs to fundraise and donate to the Backing Women Campaign and take advantage of the opportunity to match your funds. Remember, your donation can be matched up to $1000 per club.

As you continue with your holiday shopping, don't forget to add Backing Women items to your list. We currently have two green keyrings in stock - new ones have been ordered. Perhaps a Backing Women package is the perfect gift? Check out the Backing Women Boutique on The Foundation's website or contact me directly.

All of us on the Target Fundraising Team wish you and your families a happy holiday season and all the best for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!

Liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf,

Barbara Bühling, AWC Düsseldorf
VP Fundraising, The FAWCO Foundation

Blog: Let's Get Schooled!
ICDL Class
Hope Beyond Displacement

Amanda Lane, Executive Director
Collateral Repair Project

Starting a new class can be scary for anyone, but especially for refugees. New environments bring mixed emotions as they struggle with past trauma. They can find it hard to trust others, believe in themselves, or to work in groups. But there's one universal: an uneasy student can feel a lot better because of a great teacher. A couple of ICDL students, Haneen and Sana', have been empowered by their class and teacher, Mr. Ivin.

Hope Beyond Displacement

Do you know FAWCO's history with Collateral Repair Project?

Project applicant Therese Hartwell, FAUSA President and Human Rights Team Chair, has been active with CRP since 2014 and currently sits on their board. Therese first brought FAWCO to CRP (literally) in December 2014 by hosting the Region 9 Meeting in Amman, Jordan. Subsequently, CRP was a 2015 Development Grant recipient for their project Preventing A Lost Generation - Sending Refugee Children to School.

Therese will be in Europe for about 10 days following the IM in The Hague and will be a roving ambassador for the Target Project. She would be glad to meet with your members to talk about CRP, Hope Beyond Displacement, and her experiences with refugees in Jordan. Please contact Therese directly at to make arrangements for what promises to be a very interesting gathering.

Advocacy Project Quilt

Here Therese is with the Advocacy Project Quilt made by the women of CRP's Hope Workshop. Each square depicts a scene from the women's experiences of war. The process of creating the quilt was both cathartic and bonding for the women. 

"This quilting project has allowed the women to describe this grim experience through embroidery, and in the process build deep friendships. The result is a powerful testament to the horror or war, but also the resilience of refugees."

The quilt is displayed "to tell the story of what it means to be a refugee, and remind us all of the courage and skills that refugees bring to their new countries". We are thrilled to announce that Therese will bring the quilt with her to the IM in March - you won't want to miss it!

FAWCO United Behind One Issue...Education
Celebrating your contribution to the Target Program!
AWC Amsterdam's "Share Your Gifts For Good" Campaign

AWC Amsterdam Logo
" In 6 short weeks, the SHARE YOUR GIFTS FOR GOOD campaign raised €6005 for Hope Beyond Displacement. Soon to repatriate member Margaret Dwyer sought to leave her mark on the Amsterdam club. She has always been an advocate of building community, having fun and raising money for a good cause at the same time. In order to accomplish her goals, we created a silent auction for club members to share their 'gifts' with one another. We gathered 72 items from members, created bid sheets and took bids online. We attended all club events to promote the bidding in November with the culmination of the process coming at our newcomers' cocktail party, a monthly event we hold for club members to meet the newbies. While online bidding was closed before the party began, the final bidding occurred there. For those who could not make the party, the bid sheets contained a Buy It Now price. In 6 short weeks Amsterdam tapped the creativity of its members, facilitated new connections, and received club-wide support for Hope Beyond Displacement. The club auctioned 72 items, raised €6005 and its members look forward to enjoying meals, car rides, dog walks, knitting lessons and more with old and new friends in the club."  Lauren Mescon, FAWCO Rep

Two Italian Clubs Show their Support!

AILO Florence Logo

AILO Florence hosted a fundraising event on Friday, October 6, 2017 for the FAWCO Target Program (Hope Beyond Displacement), raising €972 during the evening!

"We all had a good time, with a buffet dinner, wine, a raffle for two gift baskets, plus wonderful entertainment with Olivier De Molina singing opera and very entertaining songs."  - Janet Strazzulla, FAWCO Rep

Ann Di Simoni_ RC8
AIWC Naples hosted Region 8 Coordinator Ann De Simoni at their November monthly meeting with 24 of their 30 members attending!

"I would like to thank the FAWCO Rep, Kristin Melia, of AIWC Naples and club President Jenny McDonough for inviting me to spend a lovely and welcoming weekend in Naples with the membership and being part of the November general meeting. After my presentation of FAWCO and The Target Project, the ladies all bought tickets for a Chinese raffle with $150 going to The Target Project."   - Ann De Simoni, RC8

AWC Berlin Raises Awareness with the 16-Days Campaign

On November 17th, AWC Berlin raised awareness about the connection between violations of girls' human rights and the impact on their education, with a screening of the beautiful film "Girl Rising" and lively discussions, as part of the 16-Days Campaign.   #orangetheworld

AWC Berlin - group photo

What you are doing to raise awareness about the importance of education for women and girls?  Have you hosted a fundraising event for Hope Beyond Displacement?  We'd love to share your news with the rest of FAWCO! Tell us your news and let's spread the word! 
Something For You...

At the Region 5 Meeting in Munich heads were nodding and everyone's attention was captured during  Julie Leonard's session about "Decluttering". Many in the audience felt they were being spoken to directly and in the following weeks, there were many Facebook posts announcing purging successes. The session was more powerful than many had anticipated. I know for me the topic remains in my awareness as I go about my daily life. I have tackled a few areas successfully but others need more time and resolve to deal with - but I feel confident that in time they will also get sorted.

Here are a few resources (not recommendations, just a place to start your journey):
Wishing you all a clutter-free New Year!
Supporting These Businesses = Support for Hope Beyond Displacement

These FAUSA member advertisers have banded together to pledge 5% of their profits from their services and sales to go to the FAWCO Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement from any completed transactions with FAWCO/FAUSA members or their friends and family.

Bemer Logo
PJ Co Logo

Mention the Target Program when you place your order or when you make contact to secure the 5% donation to the Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement.

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