Target 3.0 - Issue 25 - May 2018
FAWCO Target Program 2016-2019
Education -  Empowering Women and Girls through Knowledge and Skills
"My wish is that, one day, formal education will pay attention to the education of the heart, teaching love, compassion, justice, forgiveness, mindfulness, tolerance and peace."  
- Dalai Lama

FAWCO Target Program Education
Back from Jordan three weeks and the impressions are still fresh and resounding. I wish we could have taken every one one of you with us - it was a remarkable and memorable experience. Our blog, Let's Get Schooled, features insights and takeaways from the three days the delegation of 22 FAWCO/FAUSA members spent at CRP meeting beneficiaries and witnessing up close and personal the profound impact the FAWCO Target Project is making on the lives of individuals, families and the community. There is Hope Beyond Displacement!

First I want to express my awe and amazement of your generosity. We could have filled four gigantic suitcases with the gifts you and your club members donated to CRP. Here is just a sample of what was given....

Beauty Supply Donations
Beauty Supplies: combs & brushes, 500? emery boards, 75+ nail polishes,
and more hair bands & clips than I would dare try to count!

Education Supplies Donations
Education Supplies Donations
Education Supplies: hundreds of crayons & colored pencils (maybe a thousand!), scissors,
various craft supplies, magnetic drawing boards, stamp sets, stickers,
fun erasers and possibly the softest teddy bears in the world!

Thank you!

June 20th - World Refugee Day is not long off! We really want to know what you are planning for our campaign We Came by Choice;  What if it was by Force? Read further to learn more.

Also in this issue:
  • The Backing Women Fundraising Campaign - drumroll please...
  • Meet the Graduates!
  • Celebrate FAWCO community's contribution to the Target Program
  • And find a little something for you...  and your tummy

Hope you enjoy and learn something new!

Liebe Grüße aus Köln,

Tricia R. Saur, AIWC Cologne
Target Program Chair
I would be delighted to attend your Regional Meeting or visit your club to speak with your members about global education for women and girls and our Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement. Please contact me at .  

In the meantime, you can share the A Call To Action  with your members.

Backing Women Fundraising Campaign
Good news to share this month!  [Insert your own drumroll here]


Whoop whoop!  Let's hear it for the THIRTY clubs who have participated so far in this Backing Women Fundraising Campaign.  
Yes, we have met the goal, but no, we are not done yet!  We already started the conversation with Amanda Lane, Executive Director of CRP, about how Hope Beyond Displacement can be expanded with the additional funds we will raise by the end of the campaign in February 2019.  As soon as we have more details, I will share them with you here. In the meantime, keep on raising funds! As the site visit group will share with you, the need is certainly there and our funds are making a difference.

One way to keep raising funds is via The FAWCO Foundation Donation Card program.  Spring brings lots of gift-giving opportunities: birthdays, graduations, goodbye parties, volunteer appreciation, Mother's Day.  Why not use the occasion to honor that special person with a donation in their name to the Backing Women Fundraising Campaign to benefit the Target Program?  You choose from one of the many card designs, tell us to send via email or by post, and specify the donation amount. Details here

Donation Cards

Liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf,

Becca Meurer, AIWC Düsseldorf
Target Fundraising Coordinator, The FAWCO Foundation

Blog: Let's Get Schooled!
CRP - Site Visit
Julie Mowat, Tricia R. Saur, 
Therese Hartwell
2018 Site Visit to Hope Beyond Displacement - Part I - CRP/Service Model
Tricia R. Saur, Target Chair 
with contributions by Site Visit Participants

FAWCO hosted the first official site visit to a Target Project in April. A delegation of 22 women representing six Regions and FAUSA along with members from each Board spent three days meeting the beneficiaries of Hope Beyond Displacement. In this issue of  Let's Get Schooled we will start a four part series featuring insights and takeaways from the three days the participants spent at CRP meeting beneficiaries and witnessing up close and personal the profound impact the FAWCO Target Project is making on the lives of individuals, families and the community. There is Hope Beyond Displacement!
"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. CRP is rekindling the inner spirit of us all!" 
 - WangDi Schadendorf, AWC Hamburg

First let's meet the group and look at the agenda, then we'll tell you all about it! 

Hope Beyond Displacement
News from Collateral Repair Project

March saw the first wave of HBD beneficiaries graduating.
Look at these proud smiles!

March Update

April ushered in new students...

New Super Girls
New Super Girls learning about the sitting circle exercise that opens every session.
New Super Girls, still getting to know their instructors and each other.

Hope Beyond Displacement Logo

FAWCO United Behind One Issue...Education
Celebrating your contribution to the Target Program!
World Refugee Day - June 20th
We Came by Choice;  What if it was by Force? 
Our Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement, seeks to build better futures through education, vocational and leadership training for refugee women and girls in Amman, Jordan.

Let's Show Solidarity with these Women!
We invite all FAWCO and FAUSA members to raise awareness!

Heidelberg IWC is planning 3 events to coincide with World Refugee Day: a special book discussion of "When the Moon is Low" with Nadia Hashimi via Skype, a picnic with some refugee women and their families along the riverbank in Heidelberg, and A Walk Through the Night.

Let us know your plans - Share in the FAWCO Facebook Group

World Refugee Day

Site Visit Participants Share their Experiences

On May 2nd Sandy Gogel hosted a joint gathering for AAWE/AWG Paris with Sallie Chaballier to share takeaways from the April Site Visit to the FAWCO Target Project at CRP. Sandy served Jordanian dates and cookies as they shared their experiences and observations. A day later, Celeste Brown  hosted AWC The Hague and AWC Amsterdam with Julie Mowat and Valerie Russell. There was a Jordanian meal and samples of the handiwork of the women from the Hope Workshop.

R3 - Site Visit Presentation

R4 - Site Visit Presentation

AWC Oslo - Hosts Robin Goldsby - Home and Away Concert 

AWC Oslo Logo
AWC Oslo's fundraising efforts for the Backing Women Fundraising Campaign culminated in March with a concert by Robin Goldsby.  Under twinkling crystal chandeliers, Robin performed her "Home and Away" concert in an historic environment. The venue, one of the largest remaining wooden buildings in Oslo, was built in the early 1800's and provided a perfect setting to experience Robin's fabulous music and entertaining stories. Almost fifty members and devotees attended to raise a total of $1000 for the Target Project. During the intermission, wine was available for a donation and a selection of handmade truffles was provided courtesy of the new AWC members. Membership coordinator, Karen Mosman, had arranged a truffle-making event in her home for new members not only as a social event, but also to learn a bit more about the club's scholarships, FAWCO and the Target Project.  All those who attended Robin's concert felt that it had been a special evening, one definitely to remember. Along with Robin's concert, other fundraising events for the Backing Women Fundraising Campaign this year included a raffle and a lightning auction. FAWCO Rep, Rena Levin, hosted a series of Topical Teas which included the subjects: Women's rights around the world featuring speaker Johanna Higgs, Urban Beekeeping, and Storytelling. AWC Oslo's fundraising efforts to date have brought in close to $1300 to benefit the Target Project, making AWC Oslo a Gold Donor. 

Robin Goldsby

What you are doing to raise awareness about the importance of education for women and girls?  Have you hosted a fundraising event for Hope Beyond Displacement?  We'd love to share your news with the rest of FAWCO! Tell us your news and let's spread the word! 

A Few Things For You...
Future Learn

Free online course - starting May 21st - 4 hours/3 weeks

Learn how the principals of psychological well-being, communication and interpretation can benefit your work with refugees.

Recipes from CRP

On our last day at CRP we helped prepare (or watched) as four women from the CRP community prepared foods from their home countries. We want to share three recipes - no measurements... just instinct!

Faiskh Al Baytiujan
Faiskh Al Baytiujan - Sudanese Dish
  • Carrot
  • Eggplant
  • Green Pepper
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
Cook each separately and then mix together with corn oil, peanut butter (3 Tbsp) & lemon juice.

Optional Add Meat, Cooked Potatoes.  

Fatteh - Syrian Dish

Combine on a large plate:
  • Pureed chickpeas & tahini (Hummus) with broken up pieces of pita bread
  • Add lemon juice and season with
  • cumin, sumac and salt.
  • Add chicken stock and whole chickpeas.

Mix all the above together and then smooth out to cover the plate.
Cover with more Hummus (pureed chickpeas and tahini).
Decorate with chickpeas, chopped parsley, roasted almonds, optional roasted garlic.
Serve with green pickles and pickled beetroot.

Jordanian Meal

Mansef - Jordanian Dish

We didn't get the recipe but found one for you on Genius Kitchen

Supporting These Businesses = Support for Hope Beyond Displacement

These FAUSA member advertisers have banded together to pledge 5% of their profits from their services and sales to go to the FAWCO Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement from any completed transactions with FAWCO/FAUSA members or their friends and family.

Bemer Logo
PJ Co Logo

Mention the Target Program when you place your order or when you make contact to secure the 5% donation to the Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement.

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