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US Tax & Banking

The US Tax & Banking Committee gathers information on US tax and banking legislation and regulations, and informs the membership of their US tax responsibilities while living overseas. It collects information from the FAWCO membership on specific tax and banking related problems to bring these to the attention of legislators in Washington.

What will I find here?

FAWCO develops lists of resources and advisors, and publishes periodic newsletters, presentations and videos, and updates and links to media articles and other resources for Overseas Americans and “U.S. tax persons.” You can find more information on each category by clicking on the title below.

  • Tax: Cross-border tax issues, information & IRS links

  • Banking and Financial Planning: in international context

  • Legal and Estate Planning: across several countries’ jurisdictions

  • We encourage Overseas Americans to plan their international financial lives and maintain compliant status with US regulations.


    Remember, overseas residents have until June 15 to file. For a useful, easy-to-navigate guide to IRS information for 2013 tax filers, go to the IRS Tax Map

    For information on 2013/2014 tax law changes affecting US citizens who live overseas, check out the AWC Duesseldorf February 2014 newsletter.

    For a list of tax advisors and preparers and links to more tax information, see AWC Duesseldorf's website.

    How can I get more information about tax, banking and estate planning information?

    If you are a FAWCO member, you must subscribe to receive our bulletins. Sign up on the subscriptions page once you have registered and signed in. FAWCO Club Presidents and FAWCO Reps receive our bulletin automatically.

    If you are not a FAWCO member but want to receive the bulletin, subscribe as a visitor!

    Send us your questions, comments, problems or let us know if we can help you with anything. Contact .   


    The Committee Chair position is open. Please contact US Liaison if you would like to work on these important issues. 



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