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The FAWCO Youth Program was launched in 2013 at the Biennial Conference in Bern with the mission to promote cultural understanding and raise awareness of global issues in our youth and help them develop into responsible and caring global citizens. Youth Development is a priority at the UN. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon declared that “Working with and for young people is a priority in my Five-year Action Plan.” Youth make up nearly half (48%) of the world's population, and in less than 10 years will account for almost 75% of the global workforce. It is time for our youth to start working together and empowering one another towards creating a better world for future generations. FAWCO, being a global family, is in an advantageous position to engage our members’ children in this endeavor. 

The FAWCO Youth Program includes several modules: Youth Cultural Volunteers, the FAWCO Youth Ambassador and UN Youth Reps, and Partner Programs including the Eleanor Roosevelt Girls Leadership Workshop.

Barbara Bühling (AWC Düsseldorf), Chair of this exciting program, works closely with the Board and our UN Team to design Youth Program activities. 

If you'd like to get involved with FAWCO's Youth Program, contact



 Barbara Bühling

     AWC Düsseldorf    







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