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The Rebranding Task Force is currently discussing FAWCO's mission and goals.  Committee members post their ideas here and invite your comments and feedback. Be sure you are logged in so you can add your comments. Click here if you are not yet a registered user.



New FAWCO Logo, Tagline and Mission Statement

New FAWCO Logo, Tagline and Mission Statement

In March 2015, a Rebranding FAWCO Task Force was appointed; and together with internationally experienced brand consultants Edwin and Sanja Schmidheiny of Accent Brand Consultants AG Zurich, a contemporary logo, tagline and Mission Statement were presented at the Interim Meeting in Frankfurt on March 11-13, 2016. The logo and tagline were approved by a vote of the FAWCO membership on March 13th.  After modification in response to feedback, the Mission Statement was approved the same day. The approved text is as follows:

FAWCO is an international federation of independent organizations whose mission is to build strong support networks for…

Rebranding Announcement January 2016


The Rebranding FAWCO Task Force is excited to announce the new FAWCO logo design and Mission Statement. We encourage you to tell us what you think! 

Nearly There!

The Rebranding FAWCO Task Force has submitted a draft proposal to the FAWCO Board, and we hope to present a rebranding design in another 4-6 weeks. We also want to find the language that all of us can use to explain the dynamic global gateway that is FAWCO.  

The Task Force has recommended that the acronym FAWCO be retained and emphasized, as it is recognized in Washington, at the UN and on several global projects. Our American heritage is important and, while making certain FAWCO stays relevant to all women of our membership today as well as other international…

Focus of the Rebranding FAWCO Task Force

The FAWCO Board asked the Task Force to rebrand FAWCO. They did not call in management consultants to analyze and modify the "purpose" of FAWCO. FAWCO’s stated purpose is in Article II of our Bylaws and remains the same (see further analysis below). I would like to be clear about the scope and focus of the Rebranding FAWCO Task Force. 

Our task is to reshape FAWCOs image in a manner that communicates our stated purpose and to make it clear that we are a global women’s NGO. FAWCO volunteers function on a professional level with a message that is…


Rebranding is all about stating a belief. FAWCO may confuse people because it offers so many possibilities. The EVERY woman we want to appeal to can be a working woman, a mother, a trailing spouse, a volunteer, a widow, a college student – any role you can think of we would welcome and they have rich connections at every level from local, to regional to global depending on their particular interest.  If we can come up with our belief in what FAWCO can do for EVERY Woman, then we are closer in being able to brand it.
AWC Amsterdam compiled a compelling article about WHY members…

Rebranding FAWCO Task Force Blog: Welcome

Rebranding FAWCO Task Force Blog: Welcome

FAWCO President Monica Jubayli announced the creation of the Rebranding FAWCO Task Force at the FAWCO Biennial Conference in Rome in March 2015. The Task Force's objective is to make recommendations for FAWCO's future: where does FAWCO want to go, how do we get there and what do we have to do to achieve our goal? Various discussions and events (listed below) shaped this decision, and the FAWCO Board felt it was time to have a fresh look at FAWCO’s future and related brand and documentation (website, charter, etc) to reflect our goals:  

  • FAWCO membership reached a high of 78 clubs…

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