Volunteers 2015-2017

It is only with volunteers that FAWCO can operate, forming the foundation for FAWCO's Four Pillars: Member Club Support, US Issues, Global Issues, and Philanthropy.  A huge thank you goes out to all of our volunteers, past and present, who keep the FAWCO clock ticking in a timely fashion.


In one way or another, Member Club Support is the job of all volunteers as they support FAWCO Clubs by providing information and motivating Clubs to get involved.

Reporting to the President are the 
  • Parliamentarian: Cora Lee Findley (AW Eastern Province)
  • Assistant Treasurer: Cora Lee Findley (AW Eastern Province) 
  • Counselors' Coordinator: Celeste Brown (AWC The Hague)  
  • Biennial Conference 2017 Chair: Meenakshi Advani (AWC Mumbai) 
  • Strategic Planning Task Force Chair: Cora Lee Findley (AW Eastern Province) strategicplanning@fawco.org

Reporting to the First Vice-President, the COMMUNICATIONS TEAM keeps the channels of communication open between FAWCO and Member Clubs.

  • Advertising and Sponsorship Manager: Elsie Bose (AWG Paris) .  This Manager invites a few, select sponsors who can offer a valuable service or product to our members to advertise with FAWCO.
  • PR Manager: Debbie Mazza (AIWC Frankfurt-Taunus-Rhein/Main) .  This Manager promotes FAWCO and its clubs in the press.
  • Twitter Manager: Ellie Badanes (FAUSA) . This Manager keeps members in the know through Twitter updates.
  • The FORUM: Content Editor Kristina Didouan (AAWE Paris)  and Layout Editor Kristin Haanaes (AWC Oslo) .  These Editors bring FAWCO’s news to not only members but to the global community as well through both hard copy and PDF versions of its semi-annual news magazine.                                                                                        

The Web Team consists of one paid employee (and we appreciate the non-profit rate she gives FAWCO): Web Manager Cat Conner (AWC Hamburg) , and Website Content Administrator Christine Funke (AIWC Cologne) , Registration Manager Liz Slaughter-Ek (AWC Malmö) , Web Hosting Coordinator Margaret Neary (AWC Dublin) , and Web Update Coordinator Kristin Haanaes (AWC Oslo) .  This Team maintains FAWCO’s primary means of communication, the website, so that members from around the world can access the latest information about FAWCO.

Reporting to the Second Vice-President, the MEMBER CLUBS TEAM makes sure that FAWCO stays connected to the Regions and their Clubs.

  • Regional Coordinators: Each Coordinator supports the Reps in her region to do their best; strengthens connections among clubs; and facilitates communications between clubs, the 2nd VP and the FAWCO Board.                                                                     

o    Region 1 (England, Scotland, Ireland): 
Yvonne Veger                                                                             

o    Region 2 (Nordic Countries, Russia): 
Ann Marie Morrow                                                                                        

o    Region 3 (France, Spain): 
Kim Mousseron and Linda Laval                                                                                 

o    Region 4 (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg): 
Susan Ailleris                                                                 

o    Region 5 (Germany, Austria): 
Angelika McLarren                                                                                   

o    Region 6 (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): 
Kathleen Simon                                                                              

o    Region 7 (Africa):
Sahar Elhallak                                                                  

o    Region 8 (Italy, Greece):
Ann De Simoni                                                             

o    Region 9 (Middle East):
Louise Greeley-Copley                                                                                      

o    Region 10 (The Americas):
Kathi Savoury                                                       

o    Region 11 (Asia Pacific):
Position open. 

  • Club Presidents Coordinator: Hope Moore (Munich IWC) . This Coordinator acts as a liaison to establish and maintain communication between Club Presidents and FAWCO as well as among the Club Presidents themselves. 
  • Club Workshops Coordinator: Mary Adams (AWC The Hague) . This Coordinator aims to raise awareness, share information and empower clubs to take full advantage of the FAWCO experience. 
  • Membership Committee Chair Rebecca DeFraites (AWG Paris) .  This Committee assists applicants for FAWCO membership and works with the FAWCO President in locating and recruiting new Member Clubs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Reporting to the 3rd Vice-President, the ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEES (except for the Membership Committee chair who reports to the 2nd Vice-President and the Archives Committee Chair who reports to the Secretary) allow the organization to function smoothly.

  • Archives Commitee Chair: Emily van Eerten (AWC The Hague) .  This committee maintains the printed and/or electronic archival records of all FAWCO business. 
  • Finance Committee Chair: Carol Strametz (AWC Hamburg)  Committee MembersRenuka Mathews (FAUSA),  Frauke Rademacher-Heidemann (AWC Hamburg), Nikita Sheth (AWC Mumbai).  This Committee acts as a resource for the Treasurer by reviewing and suggesting possible revisions to the budget as well as presenting a proposed budget. 
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Kathleen Simon (AWC Bern) .  This Committee operates in the year preceding a Biennial Conference and selects candidates for the positions of the FAWCO Officers. 
  • Resolutions and Recommendations Chair: Judith Furukawa (AWC Brussels) . Committee Members: Ellie Badanes (AW Surrey, FAUSA), Sahar Elhallak (AIWA Rabat), Sheri Kenly (Individual Member, Qatar), Anne van Oorschot (AWC The Hague). This Committee operates in the year preceding a Biennial Conference and works on the R&Rs which are generally influenced by current world problems, current concerns of American citizens abroad and current problems faced by women everywhere.  They are considered as guidelines for FAWCO and Club action over the next two-year period. 
  • Events Planning Committee Chairs: My-Linh Kunst (AWC Berlin) and Angelika McLarren (AWC Berlin) .  This Committee plans and executes the FAWCO Interim Meetings. The Committee also consults Host Member Clubs in their proposal preparation and planning of FAWCO Biennial Conferences.

Reporting to the Parliamentarian, Bylaws Committee Chair: Susanne Hirschberg (AWC Düsseldorf)  . This Committee monitors and processes Bylaw amendments proposed by Member Clubs.


Reporting to the President, US Liaison, Lucy Laederich (AAWE Paris)  , helps to coordinate FAWCO’s work with other overseas advocacy organizations and represents FAWCO’s positions in Washington during Overseas Americans Week, for example, or when legislation is drafted or introduced that directly affects Americans living and working overseas.

Reporting to the US LiaisonUS ISSUES COMMITTEES bring important and timely information to the attention of Club Members.

  • Citizenship Committee Chair: Judith Furukawa (AWC Brussels) . This Committee provides and distributes the most recent information about the US citizenship rights of Americans living abroad and their families. 
  • Tax and Banking Committee Chair: Cora Lee Findley (AW Eastern Province) .  This Committee keeps the membership updated about their US tax responsibilities as well as monitors overseas banking difficulties and reports to members about the various options available to them.
  • Voting from Overseas Committee Chair: Mary Stewart Burgher (AWC Denmark) . This Committee works to ensure we are able to cast our votes and make them count by encouraging and assisting US citizens overseas to participate in federal elections every two years by providing information and training to volunteers in Member Clubs, and help with publicity.


Reporting to the President, the UN TEAM disseminates information about the UN to FAWCO. Its representatives in Geneva, New York and Vienna attend UN meetings on behalf of FAWCO and focus on issues specifically related to women and children in the areas of education, environment, health and human rights.

  • UN Liaison Laurie Richardson (AWA Vienna)
  • Geneva-based FAWCO UN Reps  : Paula Daeppen (AWC Zurich), Stacy Lara (AWC Zurich), Anne Riz (AWC Bern)
  • New York-based FAWCO UN  Reps   : Erica Higbie (FAUSA), Pam Perraud (AAWE Paris & FAUSA), Jane McCall Politi (AWA Rome), Vali Mitsakis (UN Youth Representative)
  • Vienna-based FAWCO UN Rep   : Laurie Richardson (AWA Vienna)
  • Athens-based FAWCO UNHCR REP : Grace Christovasilis (AWO Greece)                          


Reporting to the Third Vice-President, the GLOBAL ISSUES TASK FORCES, TARGET PROGRAM, YOUTH PROGRAM, and RESOURCES FOR INTERNATIONAL LIVING COMMITTEES promote education and awareness on important global issues, in particular FAWCO's four areas of focus: Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights.

  • Education Task Force Co-Chairs: Arandeep Degun and Carol-Lyn McKelvey (AIWC Cologne) . This Task Force provides information and resources on current issues in global education.
  • Environment Task Force Chair: Anne van Oorschot (AWC The Hague) .  Committee Members: Debbie Reagan (AWC The Hague), Sarah Wallace (AIWC Genoa), Paula Daeppen (AWC Zurich), Jule Deleroi (Augsburg IWC), Amal Lahlafi (AIWA Rabat), Rena Levin (AWC Oslo), Kara Fairchild (AWC Gothenburg), Karen Rudin (AWC Zurich), Ann Zulliger (AWC Zurich). This Task Force informs members about environmental issues such as air, soil and water pollution, species extinction, energy efficiency, conservation and waste reduction, and the major issues of global climate change.
  • Health Task Force Co-Chairs: OPEN . This Task Force provides information on UN-related health topics and addresses health-related concerns important to Americans living outside of the US.
  • Human Rights Task Force Chair: Therese Hartwell (AW Eastern Province) . This Task Force advocates to ensure women's rights as well as economic and political empowerment for all women. Committees: 

o  Ending Violence against Women Co-Chairs: Tonya Teichert (AIWC Frankfurt/Taunus/Rhein-Main) Global Issues of Violence  and Karen Lewis (FAUSA) Domestic Violence and AODVC Liaison  

o   Women, Peace and Conflict Chair Julie Mowat (AWC The Hague)

o   Economic Empowerment Chair Position open. economicempowerment@fawco.org

o   Political Empowerment Chair Erica Higbie (FAUSA, AWC Perth) 

  • Target Program Chair: Tricia Saur (AIWC Cologne)  . The Target Program brings a critical global issue to the attention of FAWCO Clubs, their members and their host communities/countries and in so doing, assists in attaining one of the UN Millennium Development Goals.                                                                                                                                                                
  • FAWCO Youth Program Chair: Barbara Bühling (AWC Düsseldorf) . This Program promotes cultural understanding and awareness in our youth and aims to develop them into responsible global citizens.                                                                                                                                               


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